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Name Vagina
Band Vantana Row
Tracks 1. The Green Commandments Of The Blue Deities
2. Bowler And Company
3. Basic Starkist
4. The Grehtest
5. Enter The Cave Of The Hidden Music And Hear The Song Of The Earth
6. Another Song
7. Worst Best Friend Ever
8. Michael Masters Earth
9. You My Only Vato
10. Looking Glass It Up
11. Spotted In The San Francisco Gay Area
12. Environmentalist Darth Vader
13. Brunette Girl Going Hard At Astral Projection Fest Bothers Me (B.G.G.H.A.A.P.F.B.M.)
14. Verything Everything
15. I Was Silent
16. Gope
17. Sad Gank
18. Lightweight Hella Depressed
19. Reg
20. Spazzy Jazz & Skitzo Ska
21. Te Gusta Blind Freckled People
22. My Acting Career Began At A Restaurant In Rome
23. Smuh
24. If You're Not Mad I Can't Help You
25. It Figures Santa Would Live In Alameda
26. Yet Rule They Do
27. My Body Is Made Of American Cheese
28. Everyone Watches Someone
29. Just Ur Neighborhood Fck Boi
30. Supposed To Be Hard
Released 2018
Purchase URL https://vantanarow.bandca
Votes 20 / 9 (11)
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