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1996-10-29 14:59:09
By Martell

Rudra Band of the Week

Vedic metal is one of the many subgenres of metal you may not be familiar with. This form of metal involves the use of Hindu themes and asian influences. From what I have gathered in order to be considered Vedic there must be a very apparent sound of Asia blended with the traditional instruments of metal. The sound is unique and still maintains the levels of heaviness we expect.

Since the 90s the band we are looking at today Rudra has been pumping out Vedic metal to the masses, and it appears they are ready to show their highly refined musicianship and heavy metal to the North American market. After hearing the new album "Enemy of Duality," I couldn't wait to share it with you. I'm not going to get into specifics because Vedic is a sound unto itself and not having the experience to break it down I would be uncomfortable criticizing it. Instead we are going to name Rudra band of the week and enjoy something new to bang our heads to. - Martell

Find more on the band at http://rudrametal.bandcamp.com/ -

'Vedic metal' pioneers since the early '90s return this year with their most ambitious album till date. Having worked hard over the years to forge a unique sound that's a sublime blend of Indian classical music rooted in ancient spirituality and extreme metal encompassing death metal, black metal and thrash metal music, Rudra have influenced many and more importantly, have set standards. Unheralded overlords of Asia, Rudra have a cult following that remains mysteriously loyal, as they hone a sound that's probably unparalleled.

Their latest album, again founded on the principles of Vedic spirituality, extemporizes on the conventional extreme metal template and achieves hitherto unknown sonic effects. Indian classical instruments such as sitar, flute, tablas (Indian percussion) and even a didgeridoo are used for this album, along with female vocals and ritualistic chanting to emanate a genuine, spiritual expression. 'Enemy of Duality' is destined to be a landmark from the Orient, one that doesn't abandon the ancient roots and blends the traditional sounds and philosophies seamlessly into music that's at once challenging and hypnotic.



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