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1996-09-24 14:13:51
By Martell

Swamp Cult Band of the Week

Lovecraftian metal is a thing. Swampcult has based their music and career on the work of H.P. Lovecraft and the horror inspired fiction he wrote. Lovecraft has proven to be one of the most influential writers in horror and his work in the early 1900s is still considered the gold standard of fear in words. Swampcult on this album has taken the Lovecraft work Festival and virtually made a soundtrack for it. I give them ample credit in their ability to take the mood and channel it through music. The band creates an ambience that is unsurpassed at the moment. Song after song makes you question the existence of "The Boogeyman" and check under the bed for that monster your parents said was never there. So to back up my initial point; Lovecraftian metal exists and will fascinate and haunt you all at the same time. - Martell

Find more on the band at https://www.facebook.com/SwampCult/ -

Dutch band Swampcult aren't just inspired by H.P. Lovecraft' they've based an album entirely on his highly acclaimed story 'The Festival'. Mixing black metal, doom metal, and death metal, they've formed a new style that defies easy categorization - to call it 'Lovecraftian metal' is perhaps the best way to describe the intriguing music. Each song is divided into chapters tracing the original 'The Festival' story, bringing it to life. The sounds of dread were never before so easily captured in this genre. The very vibe of H.P. Lovecraft's story has been recreated using a mixture of various extreme sounds; from the strange murmurings in the village to the toll of bells, it's all encapsulated perfectly in one album. To give it visual appeal, a special 'story card' is created for each chapter, each having its own artwork and writings, which is given out free with the purchase of any physical product. Swampcult, in addition to devoting an album entirely to H.P. Lovecraft's 'The Festival' story, have written excellent, contemporary music that's seamless, laden with surprises, and consistent.

If there could be a genuine soundtrack for H.P. Lovecraft's story, this is it. 'The Festival' is meant to be heard from start to finish, with at least the lyrics sheet in hand if not the book itself, and is recommended to all those who're into things horror and extreme.



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