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1996-09-11 21:22:21
By Martell


Does punk get old? After playing through the new Ruts DC album Music Must Destroy I will wholeheartedly say NO! It may get a little grayer, it may move just a little bit slower, but it certainly doesn't get old. Hearing the attached track you will see this band from 1977 hasn't missed a beat with their reggae influenced punk. This is one of those albums that just makes you feel good. To hell with the labels and genre arguments, sometimes you just need to let it all hang out and enjoy the sound hitting your ears. This might not be the most literally thing to say, but Music Must Destroy is like its creators: cool! - Martell

Find more on the band at www.theruts.co.uk -

Music Must Destroy is the first rock album from legendary punk band Ruts DC since the release of 1981's Animal Now. It finds original bassist John "Segs" Jennings and drummer Dave Ruffy blazing forth with their perfect mix of punk, rock, and reggae.

Segs comments, "we've been writing over the last year or so as we've been touring around. We've been inspired by the newly found interest in what we're doing and the many live shows we've done." Discussing the album's creative process, Segs details, "we recorded all the backing tracks live at Pat Colliers London studio. Pat has engineered the sessions while our friend James Knight co-produced. We have also been doing work with Greg "Wizard" Fleming at his studio in Brixton. Lee Groves in Nashville has handled final mixes." With some work still left on the recording, the band recently confirmed they reunited with artist John H. Howard for the album's cover art.



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