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1996-09-03 12:39:23
By Martell

Band of the week Slomatics

I was asked the other day what "Fuzz" is? Instead of going into the long winded explanation about doom and sludge I decided to go find a good example of what would be considered modern fuzz. What I found was across the big pond in Belfast. Slomatics managed to slow it down and distort the track to wear their influences on their sleeves, while not relying so heavily on the past their sound gets buried. The bands new album Future Echo shows all the signs of fuzzy sludge that makes you wade through the mire. So for the simple answer to what is fuzz? See our band of the week: SLOMATICS! - Martell

Find more on the band at https://www.facebook.com/Slomatics/-

Black Bow Records are pleased to announce that critically acclaimed doom/fuzz/sludge rockers Slomatics will release their new album Future Echo Returns on September 2 2016. Whilst the tide has come in and gone out and come in again on the shores of heavy music, Slomatics have patrolled the surf, unmoved by the shifting sands, unflinching in their dedication to tone and riff. True pioneers of what we call sludge and doom, blending elements of psychedelic rock, conjuring images of overgrown celestial bodies marshalled by undiscovered extraterrestrial entities. Name any heavy band from the last ten years and you will find Slomatics as a crucial ingredient in their own primordial soup, whether they are listed as an influence or not. Essential, irreplaceable, impeccable and peerless heavy music. Influenced by the past, here in the present, echoing a vision of the future...

The band commented: "We're really excited about the new album. It's the final part of the three album sequence we started with A Hocht, and hopefully brings together all the aspects we've touched on with that record and Estron. This one is more of everything, and feels like our heaviest and most diverse so far. The narrative of the previous two records ends with this one, so there's a sense of finality throughout. We were delighted with the recording process both in Skyhammer and StartTogether, and trust us, if there was an amp or synth in either studio, it's on this record."

Slomatics 2016 band of the week


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