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1996-08-27 10:59:10
By Martell

band of the week king

It was a bit of a struggle to come up with something witty and knowledgeable to say about King and their new album Reclaim the Darkness. The fact is describing it is rather simplistic - "it's very dark my friend, very, very dark." The reason for the struggle is it might be as simplistic as saying the album is dark, however there is a lot going on with spell binding riffs and pained vocals that should take it out of that simple darkness. Exquisite drumming and song writing are all over Reclaim the Darkness so it felt insulting to say the album was simplistically dark. Then I took a moment to think about it and embraced all of those elements and absorbed the sheer daunting darkness of what KING has done. They say a true master can make even the hardest task look easy. It appears KING are the masters of the dark. - Martell

Get more from the band at: www.oneworldoneking.com

Tony Forde comments, "we're extremely excited with the way the recording and mixing of the album has turned out, Joseph at Crawl Space managed to capture the true essence of King throughout the entire process. The album mastering was taken care of by Thomas Eberger who has worked with bands such as Gorgoroth, Darkane, I and Symphony X and we are blown away by the finished product."

KING came into existence in 2013 with founding members Dave Hill and Tony Forde working to forge a sound that captured the essence of old whilst showing glimmers of a new path. After finishing the pre-production in their own studio, drummer Dave Haley joined the line up to complete King and took the demos to Crawl Space studio where he spent the following weeks working, arranging and recording the final drum parts for the album. In the following weeks the final guitars bass and vocals were completed.

KING_- band pic 2016


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