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1996-08-19 14:37:16
By Martell

Forty Winters Band of the Week

We're a little late on this one. Forty Winters' new album "Rotting Empire" dropped the end of July and we have been so busy listening to it we forgot to share it with you. These Florida heavy weights pride themselves on their pissed off brand of metal and there is plenty of that present on the album, but I want to make a point of addressing the arthritic knee grinding moments like the opening of the track "Empty Tombs." When the band takes the pace down to a dull grind and then blasts it back up Rotting Empire shines. They are tight, heavy, and the recent wave of touring has certainly added a maturity to the band far beyond their years. There is a tradition of high quality metal in Florida that has dominated for years, and Forty Winters obeys those that have traveled before them and kept that tradition alive. Sounds like band of the week material to me. ~ Martell

Forty Winters vocalist Xavier Vicuna comments: "Welcome to the year of Rot! With each release we got more comfortable in our own skin and more willing to take chances, which leads us to Rotting Empire. You can expect the signature FW sound with more of a modern approach, better song structure, as well as more grit and tenacity. It's pissed, and it's real. Some unexpected and unplanned touring pushed the release back quite a bit, but we were able to play new songs and hype the impending album so it was well worth it. We always had a vision for our sophomore album, this is it."

Over the course of the last three years, Forty Winters has toured extensively in the U.S., Puerto Rico, South America and Central America, plotting, calculating, and culminating its brand of pissed off, punishing metal. Rotting Empire was recorded by Jesse Kirkbride (Black Tongue, Aversions Crown, Enterprise Earth) at Kirkbride Recordings in Cape Coral, Fla., and features special guest appearances by Chad Ruhlig (For the Fallen Dreams) and Adam Warren (Oceano).

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