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1996-08-05 19:31:45
By Martell

Memories Uninvited One Less Reason

It's a good day at WLM when you can feature a band that has managed to find success in this more than challenging music market. It's an even better day when you can feature a band that did it without selling out their vision. One Less Reason had over 400,000 digital downloads of their 2010 album "Faces & Four Letter Words." That is a big deal for any band, but imagine doing it without label support. The reason for the band's success is clear; hard rock blended with the lyrics of a band trying to say their piece about the world they live in. Relating to the music isn't an issue because when it comes down to it we all share the same issues, worries, and fears. One Less Reason has tapped into that with their new album "The Memories Uninvited." You will hear this one one the radio... with good reason. - Martell

Official Website - http://www.olrmusic.com/:

Memphis is the birthplace of rock. And the best rock music, even music as hard as One Less Reason's unique brand of literate, heartfelt hard rock, comes from the soul. That soul, as songwriter and frontman Cris Brown will tell you, is the source of One Less Reason's The Memories Uninvited. The album will be released on 8/19/16.

"If I decided to stop making music after this album," says Brown, "I could say that with The Memories Uninvited I'd said what I set out to say with One Less Reason. Not to say there won't be more music. But I could say I'd finished all the chapters of my book. The Memories Uninvited feels like it summarizes that project. It's brutally honest. That's what I set out to do when I started."

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