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The Shepherd asks- Is it Metal?

July 27, 2015
The Shepherd asks- Is it Metal?

In what may be the most bizarre album to grace my ears, Croation band Russkaja, was the talk of WLM for a spell last week. Thousands of works of art a year, and not once have we seen or heard the likes of this. Prep yourself for some Russian Turbo Polka Metal.

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Biblical wrath and shamanistic sway- Soulfly Archangel

July 27, 2015
Biblical wrath and shamanistic sway- Soulfly Archangel

Max Cavalera is an intermediary between the worlds of death and extreme metal, using his almost supernatural forces to create moody tribal beatings of the musical variety with ease.

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Feel Vindicated- Kataklysm does- Day 5

July 26, 2015
Feel Vindicated- Kataklysm does- Day 5

Here’s the words straight from the horses mouth. I mean the collective and metaphorical jaws of  a, well, I thought that made sense for a minute. What we do know is that Of Ghosts and Gods is a mere 5 days away from landing, and this epic countdown rolls on. From the band:

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We Love Other Stuff – July 2015

July 26, 2015
We Love Other Stuff – July 2015

Our site is called We Love Metal, but we love other things too. We Love Other Stuff is an occasional feature to share some items from several different categories that Metalheads may find entertaining. If you have something outside of the Metal realm, let me know!

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The Serpents Tongue- Katklysm 6 days of sand in the hourglass

July 25, 2015
The Serpents Tongue- Katklysm 6 days of sand in the hourglass

You have any friends that you should keep close, fully aware of their venomous and traitorous nature? Yep, I thought so- don’t we all.

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WLM Reviews: Psycroptic – S/T

July 25, 2015
WLM Reviews: Psycroptic – S/T

Psycroptic‘s self titled album was one I did a quick review on a while back. Upon further listening, it was clearly worthy of more than a couple of sentences worth of analysis.

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