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4 Stories Up – Chapter 26

May 2, 2016
4 Stories Up – Chapter 26

4 Stories Up is a fictional, serial story that follows a talented, sexy female drummer as she seeks fame and fortune with a band. Tory is a woman making her her way in a male-dominated world of heavy metal. She is passionate in life and music and she plays for keeps.

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We Love Metal Radio Weekly Preview- Join Us!

May 2, 2016
We Love Metal Radio Weekly Preview- Join Us!

Another week, another kick ass buffet of all the metal you love, served up with a great attitude and a ton of fun. Whether you prefer Thrash Metal (Wednesday), Glam and Hard Rock (Thursday), or something totally different (see below), we’ve got you more than covered.

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The Peerson Report w/ Brick and Mason Peerson – Judging a Sewer Rat By It’s Whiskers

May 2, 2016
The Peerson Report w/ Brick and Mason Peerson – Judging a Sewer Rat By It’s Whiskers

The views and opinions expressed by Brick and Mason Peerson are solely those of the original authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of We Love Metal, the We Love Metal staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site. Mason:

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WLM Reviews: Destruction – Under Attack

May 1, 2016
WLM Reviews: Destruction – Under Attack

In yesterday’s review, I mentioned an imaginary Big Four of German Power Metal. Today, we have an actual member of the Teutonic Big 4 of Thrash with Destruction. These guys have been at it for over three decades.

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WLM Reviews: Mystic Prophecy – War Brigade

April 30, 2016
WLM Reviews: Mystic Prophecy – War Brigade

If there were a Teutonic Big 4 of Power Metal, I would have to make a push to make Mystic Prophecy a dark horse candidate to make the 4th spot behind some of the giants of Germany.

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Friday Night “Joe” Sixpack

April 29, 2016
Friday Night “Joe” Sixpack

Your boss can take his micro-managing bad breath and endless stupid ideas that are a road to nowhere and stick it under his half-priced toupee. With your check in hand and the entire weekend to jam out, liberation has come.

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