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Album Review: Synthetic – Here Lies The Truth

April 29, 2016

Synthetic Final Album CoverIt’s always great to hear an artist with a nice fresh sound, something that is different than what you’ve been exposed to lately. The debut album by Synthetic, has a handful of components to it that make it stick out compared to a lot of albums that have been released lately.

From the progressive sounding, thrashy and core sounding Lie to the melancholic and lightly stimulating Scream In Your Dreams, for the most part, each track has something unique to offer, not sounding like any other track on the album. Personally, that is an outstanding quality to have if you can craft completely original pieces that do not mimic other songs, let alone other artists as well. Having likewise elements from the Eurometal scene with Scandanavian melodeath, it brings a more in depth sound to many tracks. With memorable vocals, enlightening moments, and heavy affairs around every corner, Here Lies The Truth, the debut album from the English metallers, is a solid independent release.

The history of the group dates back to their childhood in fact. Creating music since they were young, members Simon and Sterge B, shared music with each other up until today, many many years later. What begun as a project in 2014 eventually begun to grow into, new talent/members joined and fast forward to 2016 and their debut album, Here Lies The Truth is born. The projet initially was intended to be a studio project alone, but their creative intuitions and beliefs during the mixing phase of this album gave them that initial push to go forward and take on this band, full-time. It wasn’t up until late last year in fact where the recruitement of the rest of the band came to be and now this five-piece metal act from The UK, are ready to take on metal stages everywhere. Interestingly, the group credits many well-known metal names as major influence on them such as Soilwork, In Flames, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Fear Factory, Nevermore, and more.

Entering with the instrumental and suspenseful track, Encore, it perfectly leads to one of the highlight tracks known as Lie. Energetic and electronic sounding keyboards, catchy riffs, plentiful of double bass, and deep vocals make this one worthy of checking out. This is where their Soilwork and In Flames influence are heard. The band title track, Synthetic is a heavy and melodic number. Extremely addicting and memorable in vocal talent, the track has a slight progressive edge to it, with faint keys and simplistic yet effective structurization all-around. Very direct, upbeat, very potent, this is another worthy track of noting down.

Still Cold, has a slightly ballady feel to it. While the track offers a slightly heavy sense, it’s a softer track compared to the rest of the album. Slower play, acoustics, and a darker atmosphere, this tracks adds to their multi-talented musicianship they can release. Kingdom Circus is what I would call Pantera on technical terms. Definitely Pantera driven, if they had gone on the technical side, they would sound like this track. Withering Shadows is a great example of melodeath. Excellent and steady progression, great piano presence, tight play and a little groovy, there is a lot of modern influence all around. They electronic keys also add a stimulting factor in many ways and the fast, thrashy drums also give way for headbanging, definitely an important factor to take into consideration always. Closing out the album, Scream In Your Dreams, is very dark, somber and gloomy. Not many instrumentals while having a woeful and depressing ambience for the most part, the track eventually picks up speed and energy to end it all with a great acoustic fade.

Overall a decent debut album from Synthetic. By the end of the album, if there one thing that stuck out above everything else were the vocals. It’s rare when a vocalist leaves an impact on you, as Sterge B., certainly has a distinct vocal talent to share. The album caters mostly to the melodic side and vocals stay on the clean side as well, so you’ll know soon enough if the album is right for you. Respectively, going outside your comfort zone and outside the genre lines is a superb talent to have and these guys definitely can pull that off not really using the same formula track after track. The group definitely has the potential to go in a more extreme route but alas this is a satisfying taste of what we can expect from them for now. Let’s see what their next release takes them to. That should be vivid. Stay Metal \m/

Here Lies The Truth: 7/10
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/syntheticmetal/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/syntheticmetal

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