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Clutch prays for a quick death in Texas

September 24, 2015


Never been big on Clutch. When pressed for an explanation the best I can do is shrug my shoulders. A few months ago a few guys I know invited me to see Clutch live, and again I tossed my shoulders and balked. With their latest album, Psychic Warfare (Weathermaker Music), another opportunity to “get” these cats came around, and this newest collection of tracks has me hooked.

Devoted fans point to the diversity found from CD to CD, and up till this point, even Clutch would agree that variety has been deliberate and planned. With Earth Rocker, a harder sound emerged, and this appears to be a musical direction to be explored and strengthened, ““We had a sadistic fear of repeating ourselves,” Fallon admits. “But over the last few years, we’ve realized our strengths and what it is that people like about us. Why deny it? Clutch is Clutch, embrace what you are.” 

Truthfully, Clutch has always been on the edge of my radar, but I didn’t think I was cool enough to hang with this crowd. Shift and groove with the ultra-hip A Quick Death in Texas with its swerve and playful movement, but don’t miss out on some  bizarre lyrics that slap the funk with a heavy hand”How was I to know she had a jealous husband. He was the GM of Tractor Supply, well acquainted with the guns and knives. Sometimes I have the sense of a bag of hammers… Now I pray for a quick death in Texas.” Everything blue jeans and beards, rock n roll fantastic, I’m not sure whether the headbobbing bass outdoes the sassy percussion, or if the stoner guitar riffs trump the raw vocal delivery. Throw it all together and you’ve got a slamming good time, guaranteed to make you hit repeat. Here, hear what Neil and the gang have to say about the track:

Sucker For The Witch starts with killer bass and that flows throughout. Reminscent of what was devoured by fans on Earth Rocker, it has the trademark Clutch feel.  “It goes against my Catholic upbrining, I admit it. I’m a sucker for the witch,” just more tale-spinning from Neil Fallon, who confesses his art comes from being such a naturally gifted liar. Capable of running verbs against nouns in a quizzical nature that begs for inspection, its one of the reasons you should skip an hour of garbage TV, grab the hand of your partner, and glide across the floor (don’t worry I’ll tell you who wins The Bachelor or Big Brother, or, well who gives a shit).

Confessions from a dork- I had to do a search to see if Our Lady of Electric Light was a Doors cover. A smoky room of laid back damn is this awesome, it seeps into the soul with peaceful entry. Another layer, a different gear, it resembles nothing else on the album, but its 4:20 feel is undeniable.

Is Clutch a jam band? Yes.

Is Clutch groove and funk with a blue-collar feel that makes me want to dance? Hell yes.

Is Psychic Warfare worth eating PBJ for a few days to save up the bones to buy this CD? Absolutely, even if that bread is moldy.

Shepherd Says- 9/10        And, the next time Clutch swings into Milwaukee I’ll be bugging Martell and Harley for some tickets and an interview. Hey, I’m part of the club now, so back off!  Apologies to the band for taking over a decade to approach- it was truly my loss.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Oct 3 2015 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Oct 4 2015 Saint Petersburg, FL
Oct 6 2015 Nashville, TN
Oct 7 2015 Charlotte, NC
Oct 9 2015 Hampton Beach, NH
Oct 10 2015 Clifton Park, NY




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