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Flip em off with some Dead Earth Politics (Men Become Gods)

March 13, 2015

Men Become GodsLess than a year ago Dead Earth Politics teased us with a three-song sampler, Queen of Steel. A stern proclamation of their power, that brief encounter whet the whistle and has had fans eager for more. The wait is over, as another lethal dose awaits your ears.

Men Become Gods brings its scorched earth policy to the masses March 17, and is the 2nd installment of three EP’s from a band comfortable in a conversation including bands like Lamb of God, Down, and Iron Maiden. This quartet doesn’t lack confidence, and they absolutely have the chops to make bold statements.

A monolith of metal girth and grit, Dead Earth Politics slams from the onset with Casting Stones. No cheap swipes or weak handed musical gestures, this is another blazer set afire by  aggressive rapid fire drum work. If the rhythm section of a band dictates pace and intention, then this bass and drum duo (Mason and Will) charge with raw determination and ferocity, forcing the action at all times.

The title track mallet is a drool-fest for those who kneel and worship to the guitar gods. A full assault utilizing compelling tempo changes and a splash of vocal alterations, Men Become Gods is fucking brutal. The risk of a song with this much diversity is that it can come across as muddled fumbling, or even worse, a product of ineffective and untalented reaching. No worries mate, that ain’t happening on these guys dime.

Is this better than Queen of Steel? I tend to view it as both an extension of that work, and as a progression. The core of Dead Earth Politics hasn’t been altered one iota, and one could easily see the first 2 EP’s as different sections of a full length work. Still, there are some subtle differences, like the all-in shrieking and piercing range displayed by lead singer Ven at the conclusion of Fire and Ice. Had Dead Earth Politics rested on the scheme used in the past and simply repeated, the end result would be dynamite, but they have the stones to experiment just enough to stoke the fires even higher. Bless you!

Closing out Men Become Gods is Crimson Dichotomy, so boot to the throat, I always arrive back at the intersection of Sacrament and As The Palaces Burn with Dead Earth Politics. And, that my friends, is a fantastic locale to put up your shingle and go to work. The other question raised with any excursion with this quartet is why can’t we just have more, more, and more?

Shepherd Says- 9/10 Dead Earth Politics should be at a festival near you this summer, and if they aren’t, then I’d pay the promoter a visit, flip him a copy of Men Become Gods. If he doesn’t come to his senses then flip him something else.

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One Response to Flip em off with some Dead Earth Politics (Men Become Gods)

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