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WLM Reviews: Thomsen – Unbroken

March 7, 2015

thomsen - unbrokenI tend not to like bands that are named after a single member. They usually turn into exhibitions of technical wankery or just don’t have the feel of what a true band should sound like. German Power Metal group, Thomsen, is an exception, proving that songcraft is the focus and this is a team effort.

René Thomsen, guitarist, composer, and mastermind of his eponymous band, puts his chops on display through excellent song writing on Unbroken from Artist Station – eOne Music. In my discussion with him, it’s clear that the band is his vision, but it is a band and not “René and a bunch of dudes”. He does enlist the talents of some guest artists such as Udo Dirkschneider, Vinny Appice, Bobby Jarzombek, and David Vincent among others.

The twelve songs on Unbroken have an 80s ethic, but with a modern punch. Essentially, it’s a German Power Metal album – not a bad thing at all. I particularly enjoy the variety of music, though, such as the aggressive, in your face tracks like the opener Draw the Curtain (perfect way to start), speedy In Steel We Trust, and the closing track Tears of the Sun. Thomsen also can hit you with some swagger as on New Horizon (love the all too short bridge), Dream, One (a song I could hear Dio doing), We Made It (featuring Udo Dirkschneider), and the galloping Into the Unknown. The 80s really come through on songs like Break That Spell and Fools of Fortune.

While this is a band effort, there is one particular guest contribution that made me sit up and notice. Drummer Bobby Jarzombek’s playing for each of the tracks on which he appears – Draw The Curtains, New Horizon, Fools of Fortune is outstanding, but really outdoes himself on the title track. Rene’s relationship with Jarzombek goes back to Thomsen‘s debut album, “so all it took was a phone call to sign up this exceptional drummer’s services for Unbroken.” This is not to denigrate the other musical performances, especially Rage skinsman André Hilgers, whose bashing leaves one in little doubt of his prowess. It’s just that Jarzombek’s playing is simply tremendous.

From René : “…the reason for the album title Unbroken, because life is about not letting adverse circumstances get you down but holding on to your dreams and carrying on.”

Check out Break That Spell:

All in all, Unbroken is a very solid Power Metal album chock full of melody, technical execution, and superior song writing. A few tracks immediately blew me away and some took a while to grow. I did end up taking the time to listen and found the album to be terrific. You will too.

Unbroken: 8/10 – Great

I hear the sound in a Metal way.


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One Response to WLM Reviews: Thomsen – Unbroken

  1. The Shepherd on March 7, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    Technical wankery- I love that. Mmmm to the song, yummy.

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