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WLM Reviews: Estate – Fantasia

November 25, 2014

ESTATE_FantasiaBoy Russia seems to be cranking out the metal lately. Though I’m not too familiar with the metal scene from Russia, I can tall you a rather interesting band is slowly emerging from Krasnodar, Russia. They’re known as Estate and play metal that is of dance, rock n’ roll, and power metal elements. Their debut album release is just around the corner, on December 1st, the album titled, Fantasia will be born and be available to the metal masses via Might Music/Target. After listening to the album, not only are the aforementioned styles obvious, but I found myself detecting some neo-classical elements, jazz elements and progressive elements. They don’t really stick to one staple genre, as the sounds bounce all over the place from each track sounding different to one another. They claim to want to play the same styles as Helloween, The Scorpions, Van Halen and more. In addition to playing such bold styles, they have a semi influence from the 80’s and 70’s. They’ve shared the stage with Doro, Michael Schenker and other acts.

While the whole album was an interesting trip, there were several tracks that stuck with me. An intro that brings feelings of the 80’s with a short piano intro, the album takes course into the proceeding track, Hero. From the get-go, this one is perfect for the power metal audience. The vocals were definitely familiar to that of Russell Allen from Symphony X. The track brings in an array of progressive tunes as well such as keys, shredding and perfect time signatures. I forgot to mention, there also throw in some Folk instruments like flutes and win instruments, so they officially traverse many metal genres. That is shown off in the track Tarantella. Silent Dream can have taken influence from Edguy while World Without You is a power ballad that can be seen as highly influenced from the glam era.

Not sure why, but in the track, Absolutely True!, I was thinking of Joe Satriani and classic rock band, Boston. Holy Land is that fast, electronic speed power metal that is familiar to those who are fans of the genre. The remainder of the tracks take on a more ambient sound and present it well. The Night of Asura is a little more tame compared to the lot, with a cool shred solo later on. I’d Rather Die is heavily electronically oriented with slight more folk elements making a final appearance. As mentioned, this album traverses into a wide array of metal genres and doesn’t keep to one staple sound. I respect when musicians do that, showcasing the full potential of their talents and what I find interesting is a band like Estate from Russia, not catering to death metal. How about that? These guys have a very small following, so check out this album. I know you power and progressive heads will not be disappointed. Stay Metal \m/

Fantasia: 7.5/10

More information can be found on their Official Website as well as Facbook Page. Don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ our Official Facebook and Twitter Page as well.


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