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WLM Reviews: Plan of Attack by Lords of the Trident

July 10, 2013

WLM Reviews: Plan of Attack by Lords of the TridentAs many of you know Lords of the Trident’s frontman and overlord Fang VonWrathenstein has a monthly column her on We Love Metal giving advice to other bands on how to survive in this industry. What many of you don’t realize is Lords of the Trident with their huge stage show and elaborate costumes are excellent song writers and metal historians that make music paying homage to the fore fathers of metal.

Before working with Fang my experience with Lords of The Trident was limited (meaning I had never heard a single track by them), but over the course of the last year I have listened extensively to their album “Chains on Fire” and I reviewed their live DVD. I consider myself a fan and enjoyed their music, but was always caught up in the image and the industry “guru” words of Fang on this very site.

That has all changed. Fang sent over the new EP “Plan of Attack” and I literally can’t stop listening to it. The song writing, vocals, raunchy and emotional solos, rhythm work, and head banging display Lords of the Trident packing a career into one EP and it deserves the song by song treatment:

“Complete Control” – I actually contacted Fang about the “King Diamondesque” vocals featured throughout this song. Kicking off the album with a flat out headbanging track was a great way to dive into the EP and make you look forward to more. Fang also works a lot of the song in his mid-range bouncing off the guitars and melodies. Complete Control is a perfect place to whet your appetite if you are new to the band.

WLM Reviews: Plan of Attack by Lords of the Trident

“Plan of Attack” – the song is dominated by a total band effort that features the duel guitar attack and multi-member melodies that at times turn into the popular gang vocals that allow you to sing along after only the first course. Around the 3:20 mark the drums lead into excellent solos showing that behind the costumes and sci-fi theme we have true musicians that take their craft very seriously.

“Song of the Wind and Sea” – if a band is lucky early in their career they will write a song that helps define them as song writers and musicians. “Song of the Wind and Sea” is that song for Lords of the Trident. Much like Iron Maiden’s classic “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” this song will be something the crowd will anticipate. The story is told on the back of a steady riff and the emotional tones of Fang making this song a defining moment in the bands career. Don’t be fooled by my melodramatic words, this is still a metal song with deep moving solos and drums/bass that hold things together while the guitars manage to work in an ode to the sea shanty. This is certainly one of my favorite songs of this year.

WLM Reviews: Plan of Attack by Lords of the Trident

“The Joust” is changing rhythms and yet another different tone in Fang’s voice. To describe the song is difficult in the fact that as times we have points of charging music that creates a wall of sound, but we quickly can move into quieter pieces. What I can tell you is the song is classic storytelling that you all know I love. I would say “The Joust” is the last song on the EP because if ties everything together and features all the strengths of the band; big vocals, dueling guitars, changing rhythms, and metal song writing that we have been missing in the industry for quite some time.

As you can tell I am a major fan of this piece of work. As a reviewer hearing something that impacts you and makes you want to listen time and time again is rare. Lords of the Trident have given us a peak under the costumes and what we see is well crafted metal musicians giving us the dose of true heavy metal we have all been missing.

Find purchasing details at: http://www.LordsOfTheTrident.com


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One Response to WLM Reviews: Plan of Attack by Lords of the Trident

  1. Harley on July 10, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I need to hear this one!

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