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Review – Resolution by Chosen

March 28, 2013

Review of Resolution by ChosenWhat I have for you today is a duo that sounds like a 12 piece band. Heavier than hell and groovier than the half-naked drunk girl dancing at the bar (trust me, that’s a whole lot of groovy). Chosen are transplants from Ireland that ended up in Vancouver with a sound that is crushing in volume and deep in songwriting and musicianship.

Resolution is my first taste of the band and I literally can’t get enough of it. We see nine tracks that are blistering in their approach while at the same time have the substance to listen to time and time again. Much like a good movie you will pick something new up every time you press play. Instead of going on like a high Slipknot fan let me talk about some specific tracks:

The track “Diminishment” is a great piece of production aside from the merits of the song. The kicks are constant and become blended into the plodding parts of the song. The breakouts bring the drums back to normal levels that steer some very grungy guitars and vocals. There is definite influence of Gojira involved with the layout of this song, but in a much more subtle way.

“Metaphysical Contradiction” has an amazing lead in that shows some true instrumental passion. There is literally so many genres of metal blended into the first two minutes of this song I couldn’t begin to list them here. Not only that; we hear the blending of completely other genres of music throughout the song. I even wrote “is that Spanish?” in my notes. The songwriting was risky and it paid off.

Resolution Review by Chosen Band Picture

As for “Mental Clarity” you just need to hear it. All the press material mentions Chosen’s sound in comparison to Meshuggah and I swore I wouldn’t, but with the groove and catchiness I really have no choice. I can’t get enough of this song.

I’m one of those people that become very ecstatic over finding new material that is really tremendous and something I personally want to listen to time and time again. The album drops on March 30th and I highly encourage you to make this purchase. www.chosen.ie will give you the details. You will be getting in on the ground floor of extreme legends in the making!

As for the obvious Irish reference I have to make: “I went over the metal rainbow and found a pot of gold that melted my pale Canadian skin off.” Sorry boys had to be done!

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