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Review: Corsair

December 20, 2012

Heavy Metal Album Review CorsairThis self-titled album is available for you to give a listen to at www.corsair.bandcamp.com. The initial description I wrote down after the first listen was 70s inspired throwback with some progressive flare and I was fine with that. After some subsequent listens I realized they were so much more than this and deserve to be seen in their full potential.

For instance the song “Falconer” does have that dose of 70s, but Corsair has used modern guitar licks to freshen up the sound and keep you engaged. The vocals are at times a little more rapid fire than the era typically features. Other throw back bands often stick to that realm to the point of nostalgia; Corsair has managed to avoid this by using modern techniques.

“Path of the Chosen Arrow” is just a great rock and roll song. It may pay some minor homage to the 70s, but in reality this is just a track that needs to be enjoyed on its own. The track is not earth shattering in its approach and that’s fine because the song writing is done in a manner of enjoyment. I would love to see this track live as you can tell on the recording the band loves to play it.

We see a more atmospheric feel from the band on “The Desert.” The song builds slowly and is completely different than anything else we hear. In just the first part there is multiple influences, but the true magic of the song is the change in the middle that once you hear it, you will long for it next time.

Considering Corsair is a band that has a label of the 70s you have to laugh at the fact that they were once a Black Sabbath cover band. Some of the doom and traditional metal sounds are there as much as any of the sound we associate with that time frame.

Some of you may have heard this album as it was released by the band, but they have been signed by Shadow Kingdom and will get much more distribution. If you are one of the fortunate to own this album, tell a friend and have them pick one up. Tell them to ignore the “labels” and just enjoy Corsair for the music they make!

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