Top Ten Tuesday: What Did You Say To Me?

October 23, 2012

Heavy Metal News Top Ten Tuesday KISSWe obviously go to a lot of metal concerts and one of my favorite things ever is listening to the general public ask the musicians things when they have interaction with them.  Today what I thought I would do is give you the Top Ten things you can say to piss off a metal musician.  Of course this is just for fun, but some of these things I have actually heard said to metal bands.

10 – Tell the lead vocalist if they lip synced their voice would be a lot cleaner for the crowd!

9 – Tell them they rock by throwing the horns in their face, but have your thumb hanging off the side!

8 – Explain how bad headbanging is for your neck and the complications it could lead to later in life.

7 – Ask them why everyone in metal worships Satan; than take it a step further and explain the benefits of giving your life to Christ!

6 – Tell them you wish everything sounded as good as Glam did back in the “Hay Day” of metal.

5 – Tell them their “costume” isn’t very original like “KISS.”

4 – Explain how you have been a metal fan forever and how Disturbed’s first album was a life changing experience for you.

3 – Ask why they never play something you can dance to!

2 – Brag about your air guitar skills and tell the guitarist he should put some more flare into it like you do!

Heavy Metal News Metallica on Simpsons

1 – Tell them how much better Metallica is now, then when they played that old thrash stuff!

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