Friday Faceoff – Battle of the “Heavy Frontmen” – Kyle Mahor (Last Call Chernobyl) vs Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me)

October 19, 2012

Heavy Metal Music Last Call Chernobyl Kyle Mahor

Our battle of the mainstream frontman led us to this tournament. After the amazing recognition we were given from our readers for letting them pick the favorite we decided to listen to them and give them exactly what they wanted. We present to you a tournament of vocalists that do it for the heavy; or the metal; or simply the music.

To see how this tournament came about and the rules to how it works follow this link!

To see the full tournament bracket thus far follow this link!

Now listen to our arguments and head over to vote. Songwriting, Stage Presence, Influences, and Potential are the categories, but ultimately you decided on your own merits who advances to the next round and who wins it all!


Kyle Mahor – the song writing of Kyle and the band is intense, while at the same time intricate. Subject matter of the songs appears to always be second to the sound making song writing the strongest asset Last Call Chernobyl and Mahor have.

Tommy Rogers – the Parallax series shows how the imagination and characters of Tommy Rogers can make it into the material he sings. He has to have an investment in the subject matter he is performing and that creates a bond between the vocalist and the music.


Kyle Mahor – you will find in material about LCC that Jason Szeto the bass player gets a lot of mentions, but to see the band on stage you know Mahor keeps the crowd engaged with intensity and pure energy. A LCC show isn’t for the tired and meek; Mahor is a big reason for that.

Tommy Rogers – what will he do next? That is the constant question when Rogers takes the stage. Heavy death growls, screams, and light falsettos keep you guessing on his next move. He keeps busy on stage, thus keeping the crowd busy.

Heavy Metal Music Tommy Rogers Between the Buried and Me


Kyle Mahor – a very wide range of material seems to be what Kyle and LCC contribute as influences. Acts such as Between the Buried and Me, Protest the Hero, Avenged Sevenfold; even Deadmau5. These make their way into Mahor’s style and give it a very progressive feel.

Tommy Rogers – another artist that listens to a wide variety of material to give their sound a uniqueness. Pink Floyd, Queen, Metallica, or anything that strikes his fancy. To be truly progressive you have to believe in diversity in your music.


Kyle Mahor – LCC as a unit is very very tight and not one member stands out more then another. Is this an insult? Of course not, this shows chemistry, but does make it difficult to assess individual potential. I am safe in saying that as a band Last Call Chernobyl really can’t be stopped.

Tommy Rogers – what can’t he do? When you are as multi-talented in all facets of music like Rogers it’s very difficult to be stopped. His potential is impossible to measure.

Go vote and put your favorite through to the next round.

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One Response to Friday Faceoff – Battle of the “Heavy Frontmen” – Kyle Mahor (Last Call Chernobyl) vs Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me)

  1. Leah H on October 21, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    This is awesome! Rock on Kyle Mahar, you still have lots of people rooting for you! Its a honour to be compared to your idol, Tommy Rogers!

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