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Interview: Blind the Sky

October 17, 2012

heavy metal music blind the sky

1 – Blind The Sky is a very unique band name. Can you explain to us how you guys came up with it?

Dave: In 2007 former band member Greg Chapman and I were sitting in a bar talking about starting a new band. Then the subject came up “What do we call ourselves?”. This is one the hardest things to come up with when you first start a band but this time it came naturally. Greg, being a huge Led Zeppelin fan, wanted to name the band Blind Skies of Fortune, which is a lyric in the song “Ten Years Gone”. Later we found out that the lyrics were actually blind stars of fortune but that sparked the idea for the name. I liked the name but didn’t think it was the one. Then suddenly it came out of my mouth “What about Blind The Sky?” Greg paused for a moment and smiled then shook his head saying “Yeah That’s It!”. The meaning for the name came later when we started writing the music. The name makes me think of an atomic bomb going off. Our mission as a band is to write and create music that sounds as huge as the name implies.

2 – Who are your influences? What is is the motivation to create the epic metal you guys play?

We all have individual influences that mesh together to create our sound. Some of the influences we have that cross over with all of us are: Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Metallica, Queensryche, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, U2 and Coldplay. We all like so many different styles of music that this is just a few of our influences. Even though metal is a big part of our sound sometimes we dive off into other genres such as classical, jazz, and even Latin. We take great pride in doing what the song dictates and write what comes out of us naturally. It’s hard to classify Blind The Sky as one particular thing. Our strength is in the fact that we have different influences and we can meet in the middle and that motivates us to make our music the best it can be.

3 – Being an epic metal band, do you find it easy or hard to compete with other local bands?

It seems like our band sometimes scares people because it is something they don’t know and don’t quite understand. Locally most of the bands in the Shoals area are Americana. We like and appreciate the music that they are creating but we are not willing to compromise our music to try and fit into that scene. Locally we have been playing some acoustic gigs. While doing this we have come to realize that our songs are Epic no matter how you play them. Doing the acoustic versions has been fun and has shown how much we have grown as musicians. Mostly, except for a few local venues, we play electric shows out of town. A lot of the great bands through history were different and had an uphill battle to be heard. Locally we are becoming more accepted and appreciated for what we do.

4 – How far are you trying to take this band?

We want to Blind The Sky! We’re in it for the long haul. We love what we do and want to share it with the world.

5 – Any upcoming projects or songs from Blind The Sky we should check out?

You should definitely check out our Self-titled EP. There are some great songs on there that you would really enjoy. We are currently working on our full length album entitled “Humanity”. This will be a concept album and we are really exited it. The idea of the record is instead telling a preset story that you have to follow why not make it be your concept record. In other words each song on the record represents a different life experience or emotion that we all can relate to. The theme is that our emotions are what connects us to each other. No matter what you have been through in your life there is some guy on the other side of the world that is in the same boat. So in a matter of speaking no one is ever alone in this world and there is always hope. Our life experiences bind us together. We already have plans of recording a choir on some of the tracks. It will also feature orchestra parts on it as well. Our plan is to release it sometime in 2013. We think this album will be the most epic thing we have done to date and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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