Album Review: Dokken – Broken Bones

October 11, 2012

Heavy Metal Music Dokken Broken Bones ReviewI will forever associate Dokken with the Glam movement, which wasn’t fair in a sense, as he was always diving into much deeper and darker lyrical content then strip bars and loose women. Breaking the Chains and Tooth & Nail are classics that deserve to be heard again and again, but after a series of releases that were very much un-Dokken like; you had to ask could Don return to the sound people were not only expecting, but hoping for?

Short of having George Lynch on the guitars the simple answer is: yes! You may feel after hearing the opening track “Empire” that the album is a mellow one, but in true Don Dokken fashion the album builds to a heavier and heavier apex with every passing song.

The slow build of the title track “Broken Bones” illustrates this perfectly. Not only is Broken Bones an excellently written song, but shows you why Don Dokken has had such an amazing and illustrious career. In vein I mentioned George Lynch and I would have loved to have heard him mastering the axe on this album, although I have to admit that may have been out of nostalgia because Jon Levin on guitar shows by Dokken can easily move forward with his talent.

Frontiers have managed to return an artist to his original sound and old and young fans alike will be the true beneficiaries.

The entire album is a return to what Dokken was known for: melodic metal that works with real lyrics and displays the talents of not only a talented song writer, but a true legend of the stage.

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