Interview: Bob Ballinger of Power Theory

October 10, 2012

Heavy Metal News Power TheoryPlease note this interview is done in a narrative style due to technical issues.  Please do not assume Mr. Ballinger’s words as direct quotes.  Enjoy a great interview:

WLM: Congratulations on Axe to Grind.  How have things been going since its release?

Bob: We have been getting a lot of recognition which is good.  We have also added a second guitar to our band.  The highlight for us has been opening for Accept.

WLM: A lot of the success you have had seem to be driven by internet sites like us.  Does that work, or is it better to be a part of the mainstream media?

Bob: We’ll never be in the mainstream media because we’re not mainstream.  It’s guys like you who help guys like us.  Having a good PR firm is really important, but you still have to do a lot of your own work.  It may not be as grandiose as it used to be, but maybe that’s a good thing.

WLM: What are your influences in your sound?

Bob: We don’t set out to mimic others, but we do reflect the bands we listen to like Sabotage and Gravedigger .  Our sound is definitely not mainstream like the Big 4. 

WLM: February 2013 is the hopeful release date of your next album.  Can you talk a little about that?

Bob: It’s coming together really well, especially with the second guitar.  All of our sounds are coming together and sounds great. 

WLM: The vocals are really sounding great.

Bob: Yah.  We did an email interview once and we were asked if Dave uses auto tune on his vocals.  He doesn’t.  That’s just not right.

WLM: That’s not metal.

WLM: Has the second guitar helped during live shows?

Bob: God yah.  The two guitars gives a layering that now happens live like it sounds on the album.  It sounds full, sounds great.  It also helps if, like, last year I had an issue with my guitar at a festival and having a second guitar really helps with issues like that.  You can add a twist to the live material.  I played more than one guitar in the studio so it sounds really sinister on the album.  Now it sounds like that live.

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WLM: Is it hard to bring someone in to an established band?

Bob: The person we had hoped for just happened to be available when we were looking for someone, so it worked out great.  He was already familiar with the band.

WLM: Where does Power Theory go from here?

Bob: Our main goal is to go on tour in Europe and do the underground festivals in 2013.  We are playing Warriors of Metal in Ohio again next year.  We had a great time there last year.  We also have a couple more shows scheduled for this year.  And we have to work on the new album.  We have a plan, and you will be getting a press release on it soon.  All I can say is that we are negotiating with different people internationally.  Our big goal is always to have fun!

WLM: If fans are not able to get to you, what band should they listen to?

Bob: Definitely Accept.  The band now, not the one from before.

WLM: We are all out of time, but we want to thank you for talking to us.

Bob: No problem.  It was great to talk to you.

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