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Top Ten Tuesday: Metallica Songs

October 9, 2012

Heavy Metal News Metallica Enter Sandman

A reader wrote in the other day and told me we do nothing but “slag” on Metallica. Personally looking back at our articles I think we give the biggest metal band in history tons of positive press, but since we always listen to our readers I’m going to take DieTiffanyDie’s solution to this issue and use it. Her solution was to give Metallica their own Top Ten, We Love Metal style.

All I can do in the Top Ten article is give you my opinion, so here we go with what I consider to be Metallica’s Top Ten songs:

10 – Cyanide – taken from the “back to thrash” album Death Magnetic I couldn’t get enough of the aggression and all out heavy feel of this track. It relied heavily on Metallica of the early days and that was music to my ears.

9 – Nothing Else Matters – although the “Black” album goes down as the point in time when Metallica changed their sound I will always love the album for how accessible it made metal to the masses and how other thrash bands began to make money they never dreamed was possible. The ballad like quality of Nothing Else Matters was something very different, but the rhythm still haunts me.

8 – Whiskey In The Jar – I can hear the collective “What the Fuck?” from our readers now, but this is a seriously catchy track that if done by anyone else would have still been a hit. Sometimes metal has to be fun and Metallica brought it with this one.

7 – The Day that Never Comes – another one from Death Magnetic that just made me realize how talented this band is when they work together. The tragic song of soldiers in battle proves that metal can be written in a format that builds character and still kicks ass.

6 – Escape – the track is found buried in the other classics of Ride the Lightening, but will always be the epitome of what Metallica represents when it comes to thrash. Hard, epic, and so well written you couldn’t do anything on a mixing board to change the quality of this track.

5 – Fuel – although the album certainly wasn’t my taste I have to tell you Fuel still ramps me up. I thought this was going to be the track that brought Metallica back to metal greatness. Unfortunately I had to hear the rest of Re-Load.

4 – Am I Evil – It can be found on Garage Days Revisited B-Sides, but most have heard it played numerous times when Metallica brings a guest on stage, including the entire Big 4. I hate to say covers are better than the original, but in this case Metallica brings the song home time and time again.

3 – One – guitars, changing rhythms, and very scary subject matter mark my third favorite Metallica song. I can’t get over the impact this song had on me back when I thought glam was the only major form of metal. When I heard this for the first time my path in music choices was clear.

2 – Master of Puppets – from the album of the same name and forever the song that marks the greatness of Metallica. With the deep meaning and chaotic verses you knew the first time you heard Puppets what Metallica was going to become.

Heavy Metal News Metallica Streaming Seek & Destroy

1 – Seek and Destroy – they close their concerts with this track for good reason. It makes you want to head butt the dude next to you then break some shit just because. One of the ultimate head banging tracks and in my books the best Metallica has to offer.

See I do love Metallica!

Metal on,


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One Response to Top Ten Tuesday: Metallica Songs

  1. David Jón Fuller on October 9, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    Can’t argue with most of your choices (and I agree “Fuel” was the only good thing on ReLoad), though on my top ten I would have included “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “Welcome Home (Sanitarium).” Great post! \m/

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