Album Review: Kix – Live in Baltimore

October 4, 2012

Heavy Metal Music Kix Live In Baltimore ReviewAlthough music is my business and people tend to tell me I know more than the average fan I still get a thrill from hearing something from the past and making a long lost connection to the band that performed it.

That happened to me this very week when I sat back and enjoyed the new Kix release “Live in Baltimore.” I never claimed to be a big Kix fan, but after hearing “Ring Around Rosie,” “Lie Like a Rug,” “Blow My Fuse,” and many others I realized I was a HUGE Kix fan; I just didn’t know it. These staples from the Glam era were constants on my dubbed tapes and I can’t believe I never made the connection.

I’m wondering if that’s an issue for a lot of fans out there that don’t realize the talent and impact Kix had on the scene back in the day. Doing a little research you quickly realize that Kix not only made an impact they were one of the few bands to survive the grunge meltdown of the 90s.

This album is a legendary performance by the band in Baltimore that saw them in their finest form. A complete set of greatest hits that will have you reliving your past and kicking yourself for not going to see the band live when they passed through your town.

The album actually comes in CD, DVD, or Digital form and the quality is astounding considering the show took place in the 90s. This gem is a must own for Kix fans and something I highly recommend to all metal fans as you will find yourself saying: “Kix played that!”

I’m told this is a release by Frontiers to get people ready for an all new album and I can certainly say for this old metal head it worked. After realizing I’ve been a fan my whole life I psyched for new music from what I can now call metal legends.

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