Review: Black Moor – Lethal Waters

October 3, 2012

Heavy Metal News Black Moor Lethal Waters ReviewWhen it comes to an album like Black Moor’s Lethal Waters I feel compelled to mention to you all what it is we do at We Love Metal. Notice the name of the site: We Love Metal. With that said you can imagine we really like to keep this site positive and only really cover the metal and music that interests us and we feel is worthy of our dedicated readers. The issue with Black Moor is “love” isn’t a strong enough word.

They are quite simply at a level in thrash that transcends simple words. Their brand of metal speaks through guitar solos, raspy vocals, and song writing that points to a genre as old as most metal fans that can continue to be moved forward. Black Moor’s talent and stock in the metal community has risen dramatically in “Lethal Waters.”

Black Moor is difficult for me to talk about because they are quite frankly in my backyard and I have followed them from the time they started and have seen them live too many times to count. The reason it’s hard to talk about is because their talent is going to have them packing their bags and playing major arenas all over the world. It’s just a matter of time before Canada loses this gem.

Lethal Waters features new members Evan Frizzle and Kenny Meyers, if you think this affected the chemistry of these thrashers you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only is the chemistry in tack, but the band experiments with their sound in songs like the much harder edged “Night Danger.” Although it is nice to see the band continue to grow in their sound I still got what I longed for in the title track Lethal Waters. This classic thrash song will have you banging your head as if at a Big 4 concert. In fact the entire album has Black Moor displaying how a classic sound can be modern and fresh.

For those that think thrash is nostalgic I invite you to spin Lethal Waters and realize the power still possessed in this genre. Canadian bands like Black Moor and The Worshyp are the new breed and guarantee us all that Thrash Metal is alive and well.

Hail, “The Mighty” Black Moor – we love you guys because We Love Metal!

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One Response to Review: Black Moor – Lethal Waters

  1. Scott on October 3, 2014 at 9:56 am

    You told me to check em’ out, and I’m glad you did. I will seek out more of Moor!

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