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September 26, 2012

Heavy Metal Music ShadowseerHello again “We Love Metal” community.  We are Shadowseer, a Utah based heavy metal band.  You may remember us from last month’s article announcing our new vocalist, if not you can find that article here Before we begin we would like to extend our thanks to Bill at We love Metal.  As a result of letting go of our old vocalist we unfortunately had to go on a yearlong hiatus while we searched for a new front man.  Great website like this help give musicians like us a voice, keep supporting them and help fight the good fight. 

As a celebration of Shadowseer getting back into the world of music we are offering a download of a sample of our music.  This can be downloaded directly off of our website as a heavy metal mp3 download.  This will contain our fan favorite’s songs “Cursed for all Time” and “Spirit of the Storm.”  The music is complete with album artwork and lyrics off our breakthrough album “In the Company of Evil.”  These tracks have been featured on radio stations and internet radio all around the United States. 

This is all in preparation for our upcoming album that should be released in winter 2012/ fall 2013.  This will be the second album released by Shadowseer, and more importantly the first ever released with a full band. 

Once you check out our music you should be able to see that we are highly influenced by old-school heavy metal.  If you like bands Iron Maiden, Slayer, Atheist, Avenged Sevenfold, Iced Earth, Nightwish, and Metallica then Shadowseer should naturally be a great fit for your musical palate.  Let us know what you think.  The band is full of musicians at heart and is constantly trying to perfect our music.  Give us feedback tell us what you like and maybe though we could do better. 

Heavy Metal Music Shadow Seer

Thanks for the read guys, cheers.

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