Review: Beef Supreme (Self Titled)

September 19, 2012

All I can say is it is a good thing that, apart from being handsome and incredibly gifted, I happen to work largely unsupervised. Why? Because another one of my traits is I have the sense of humour of a nine year old. Which brings me to today’s subject: Beef Supreme. Yes, that’s right, Beef Supreme. To make matters better (or worse) the band Beef Supreme decided to self title their album, which means today I will be reviewing Beef Supreme by Beef Supreme. Did I mention their website yet? No? Their website is Hail To The Beef (dot com)! Honestly, there is very little about this band that doesn’t make me giggle like a tween girl with a crush. Which brings me back to being thankful I usually work unsupervised.

But you know what I don’t find funny about this stoner metal band from the south-west USA? Their music. The self-titled album from Beef Supreme contains four tracks compiled from the three band members and while they might engage in tongue-in-cheek marketing, the group is damn focused when it comes to their music. Three seconds into the first song, “Death Shuts Its Mouth”, I was hooked. The guitar and drum work on this album is outstanding, not just because it is so well executed, but because it is …. catchy. Yes, that’s right, Beef Supreme plays catchy stoner metal and they perform with such a paradoxical combination of light touch and powerful strength that it is easy to get lost in the chords even before the vocals reach us.

Once we have had a few seconds to drown in the thrilling waves of drums and bass, Niki opens her mouth and spews forth a string of sounds which lie somewhere between classic metal and modern rock. She purrs like a cat in a room full of flightless birds, like a demon stroking the hair of a lover. Her voice speaks of long dusty roads, city lights and howling at the moon. She sounds of freedom and power, a vocalization of the human spirit which cannot be tamed. Either the vocals or the instruments on this album would be enough for me to give Beef Supreme a passing grade, combined they vibrate in my blood in a way that, when the music stops, makes me itch for more. And the music does stop all too soon. At four tracks this album left me hungry for more and the next morning I found myself at the band’s website, combing the Downloads section for additional songs. Though I didn’t find any more music, I did find the band gives up their songs for free and tries to make up for it by selling t-shirts, which is an idea I am 100% behind. I mean, show me a dude who doesn’t want a shirt that says “Beef Supreme” across the chest.

Short version: Beef Supreme – funny name, awesome music, great vocals, all three members are easy on the eyes and they give away their music for free. What’s not to like? The only thing that could make this album better for me would be the addition of more material.

You can get Beef Supreme’s music for free from their website and follow their work on Facebook.

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