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Review: Your Pain Is Endearing – The Turning Of Tides

August 17, 2012

I’m not sure what first drew me to The Turning Of Tides, the new album from the group called Your Pain Is Endearing. Perhaps its name called to me because I grew up near the ocean and the ever-changing tides are a corner stone of my life and psyche. Or maybe it’s because this has been a summer of trials for us here at We Love Metal and the idea of change, the turning of the tide, elevates in me a sense of hope. At any rate, the title of this five track disc caught my attention and I decided I had to hear what was on it.

Now I don’t know a whole lot about Your Pain Is Endearing (YPIE), other than they’ve been playing as a group for around four years and they’ve got four well coordinated and enthusiastic members. Beyond that I know they’re from Boston and this isn’t their first album and their sound is distinctly one of modern death metal. Honestly, I had not had the chance to hear YPIE play before so they were off my radar up to this point. Fortunately I’m dialed into them now.

As I just stated, YPIE is a modern death metal group and, in fact, I believe they could be held up as a prime example of death metal in the West. They have a high-energy, raw fast-paced sound. The group’s playing really blends together well in The Turning Of Tides and the instrumentals nicely compliment the vocals. Well, “nicely” isn’t a word often used to describe this flavour of metal, perhaps I should rephrase. The group is obviously well practiced and united in their vision for this album. They play with a ferocity and abandon which is inspirational. Perhaps the most distinct aspect of the group is vocalist Matt Phillippo. He sings, screams and calls like a grizzly gargling gravel. I’m not entirely sure if he’s entirely man or beast, a creature of land or water. His calls vibrate across this short CD like a demented siren.

As you might have gathered I was taken in by The Turning Of Tides, it’s an easy album to respect. If I had to poke a critical finger at it I might complain that the songs are a touch uniform, one flowing into the next without a lot of surprises. Of course I might also point out that, at five songs, I’d like this album to be longer. We reviewers are always hungry for more of what we like.

You can check out YPIE on their Facebook page or check out their new songs over at Bandcamp.

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One Response to Review: Your Pain Is Endearing – The Turning Of Tides

  1. chris on August 31, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. I always like finding new heavy metal bands!

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