Album Review: Brokaw – Interiors

August 10, 2012

Heavy Metal News Brokaw Album ReviewI need to start this review with a term that the band described themselves as: noisemongers! As you know simple things fascinate me so I needed to come to some sort of meaning for this term. As I listened to the album Interiors I came up with what sound a “noisemonger” creates:

The sound emitted from the elusive “noisemonger” is like drone, stoner, and doom metal all mixed liked dough on a table and then beat to tiny bits by some very heavy guitar riffs. If that doesn’t make you want to listen to a “noisemonger” I don’t know what would!

For me personally as I go over my notes I can’t help but notice how many times I say the word “BUT.” The fact is Brokaw is the epitome of what the word “BUT” is used for. Just when you want to say one thing about the band you have to conclude it with “BUT” because everything just changed.

For instance their sound is extremely minimal and raw, BUT as the same time it is very full and packed to the tipping point with musicianship.

Hailing from Seattle you automatically think grunge, BUT Brokaw couldn’t be further from that scene with music on Interiors that isn’t self-loathing. In fact the tracks come across as inspired and at times hopeful.

Heavy Metal News Brokaw Band PictureTrack after track comes across as simple, BUT when you listen to it time and time again you hear very technical pieces that show the true talent of this band with their instruments. The vocal component is the same. You have screams, cleans, and mournful wails, BUT you know at all times the range and ability to make the voice fit the song is alive and well in Brokaw.

We have a saying in Eastern Canada that states; if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes and it will change. In the case of Brokaw if you don’t like the music wait 30 seconds and it will change. The song Berlin Wall wasn’t my personal favorite on the album until an impromptu bass piece swung me around.

If you need something different to listen to and are willing to invest some time in a record pick up Interiors at This is time well spent and the rewards are musical satisfaction and a great new piece to your collection.

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