Album Review: Last Call Chernobyl – Set Adrift

August 9, 2012

Heavy Metal News Last Call Chernobyl Album ReviewLast Call Chernobyl has been featured on We Love Metal many times, yet we have still not managed to hook up for a live show or even an interview. Bass player Jason Szeto is a true professional and someone who I’m proud to say is an excellent ambassador for East Coast Canadian metal. With all the niceties aside I can also say their debut album “Drowning Beneath the Sound of Change” is an album I instantly fell for and still listen to in my personal collection.

The latest installment of the Last Call Chernobyl chapter is their new four song album: Set Adrift. The first thing that struck me after the very first listen is the band took their sound in a much more progressive direction. I know every band uses that term “progressive” now, but to me it means trying new methods or sounds to move metal forward and Last Call Chernobyl does this on Set Adrift by taking some chances that all appeared to pay off.

The element of surprise was always used at some place in all four songs. For instance the track The Frailty of Ascent has a brief spoken word like piece that instantly made me connect with the song in a different manner then the opening.

Although it’s very difficult to write a review of only four songs I want to focus on my personal favorite “Hourglass” as the key to the entire album. The track has a definite thrash vibe to it that will get your head moving instantly, but over and above that we hear Mathew Moulton playing some sick licks that tie the whole song together. This leads me to saying:

Heavy Metal News Last Call Chernobyl Album Review Set Adrift

The story of Set Adrift comes down to song writing. The band gets you comfortable in a track and then gives you something that makes you feel a little nervous at first because you don’t know if it will fit, but in the end you smile and nod and realize where they were taking you.

Last Call Chernobyl discovered how to tell a very intricate story through the use of all their members’ strengths. Adoration or reviews are not necessary – Last Call Chernobyl has reached the next level with Set Adrift!

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