Friday Faceoff – “Heavy” Frontman Tournament – Matt Harvey of Exhumed vs Jeff Paulick of Lazarus AD

August 3, 2012

Heavy Metal News Matt Harvey Battle of the Frontman

Our battle of the mainstream frontman led us to this tournament. After the amazing recognition we were given from our readers for letting them pick the favorite we decided to listen to them and give them exactly what you wanted. We present to you a tournament of vocalists that do it for the heavy; or the metal; or simply the music.

To see how this tournament came about and the rules to how it works follow this link!

To see the full tournament bracket thus far follow this link!

Now listen to our arguments and head over to vote. Songwriting, Stage Presence, Influences, and Potential are the categories, but ultimately you decided on your own merits who advances to the next round and who wins it all!


Jeff Paulick – Lazarus AD tends to focus their music around tragedies that have taken place in their lives or that of others that have been publicized. Due to the nature of their music Paulick writes lyrics that are very personal to him and puts his anger or disbelief in a situation forward through the aggressiveness of the music.

Matt Harvey – he is a veteran to Grindcore and some might say he is the inventor of Gore Metal. The debut album from Exhumed was in fact called Gore Metal and I think the title speaks to what the lyrics would be about. When talking about Harvey and Exhumed you look to the speed and shocking transitions they are able to pull off.


Jeff Paulick – they have toured with Testament, Amon Amarth and many others. During these big tours Paulick has held his own on stage with his sheer aggression and the intensity of his performance keeps the crowd engaged. Engaged might not be a good word because you are literally in the palm of his hand.

Matt Harvey – he has tons of experience with major metal festivals all over the world and you don’t get that experience if you suck on stage. This isn’t your shoe gazing Grindcore so you will be enthralled with how he handles himself on stage. Harvey is a favorite in this category.

Heavy Metal News Jeff Paulick Lazarus AD


Jeff Paulick – his influences read like the play list of We Love Metal. Testament, Pantera, Metallica, and any other great thrash band of the day. Lazarus doesn’t emulate these bands, but certainly pay homage to them night after night.

Matt Harvey – he counts his influence as early thrash, Swedish death metal, and even throws in Canadian thrash (which made me smile). There is a lot of worldliness in everything Exhumed and Harvey do to it’s very difficult to narrow down influences.


Jeff Paulick – as a band Lazarus has the ability and talent to be the leaders in the New Wave of Thrash. As an individual Paulick is the force that will get them there. He could easily go down as one of the greats in thrash based on everything we have talked about today and what he has yet to learn.

Matt Harvey – most will say inventing your own genre makes you reach your full potential, but with Exhumed back together and playing a more traditional death metal you have to believe that Harvey is out to conquer something else. Talent like his comes along only so often and that makes potential limitless.

Go vote and put your favorite through to the next round.

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One Response to Friday Faceoff – “Heavy” Frontman Tournament – Matt Harvey of Exhumed vs Jeff Paulick of Lazarus AD

  1. tammy galer on September 7, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    When are you gonna change people,these 2 have been up for 2 months now..

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