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Top Ten Tuesday – Stop Saying You’re Metal

July 31, 2012

Heavy Metal News Shaun White is not MetalI’m tired. So very tired of people running around and pretending to live the metal lifestyle. Of people flashing the horns in public and acting like they are rebels because they listen to Motley Crue. Of Hollywood stars that use the stereotypes of metal to forward their own badass reputation. I’m so tired of these people, this week were going to look at the Top 10 worst offenders:

10. Michael Sweet – with all of the negativity based Top Ten lists I have been doing Stryper has been spending a lot of time on the site. The fact is Stryper is an evangelical machine that uses metal to preach something to unsuspecting listeners. Metal is being up front, not hiding a message behind an electric guitar.

9. Shaun White – this X-Game and Olympic star burns my ass. Everyone knows that an athlete at his level isn’t out partying every night and bedding every lady that loves his red hair. The fact is he likely lives a life of almost isolation because of his training schedule. You wouldn’t know that from the stuff you see him in. Metal music playing, Shaun flashing the horns, and hot girls all over him is pretty much all we see. Does he even listen to music or is it just part of his PR?

8. DeadMau5 – this one should be higher on the list, but I don’t really know that much about him. He was on the MTV awards after the Foo Fighers and this electro-pop DJ was asking people to throw the horns. I don’t think he could use the evil eye excuse because he wears a giant mouse head.

7. Greenday – not only did they take underground punk and mainstream it, they used the fans to progress their “music” right to broad way. They look the part and act the part, but only when there not in business suits selling their souls to the corporate devils.

6. Ice T – he’s a rapper. That’s all I should really have to say, but after Body Count folded ICE tried to pull off the gangster metal biker rep and it drove me crazy. Cop Killer drew controversy to metal that doesn’t make it good or even metal.

Heavy Metal News Tom Cruise is Not Metal

5. Tom Cruise – Scientology might be the most metal thing he does in my opinion. This fiasco with Rock of Ages just spits on the legacy of a lot of great bands and Cruise was the ring leader. He is running around now looking like his character and pretending to be Def Leopard. Little does he know, they’re not really metal either.

4. Gwen Stephani – if you saw her at the Teen Choice awards you would know what I mean. Since he is a bit older she has taken No Doubts reunion in a more harder direction. The issue is we will all look at how she left punk to dance in the dump truck of money that is pop.

3. Lil Wayne – can any of you even name his metal project? I can’t and never will give it the opportunity. He is everything that is wrong with music in my opinion and I can’t imagine welcoming him in the metal family; no matter how much he gives us the horns from his baggy pants.

2. Rusell Brand – no metal head in their right might would get rid of Katy Perry and he runs around flashing horns, starring in hard rock related movies, and dressing the part of the Sex Pistols. The fact is I don’t believe a bit of it and since he is more mainstream now he has turned his back on the music. True metal doesn’t do that.

Heavy Metal News Marily Manson is Not Metal

1. Marilyn Manson – surprised? You shouldn’t be. Let me clarify by saying that his band is very talented and truly are metal stars that deserve recognition. Manson on the other hand is some guy that woke up and decided to play metal star. His lyrics and look are stereotypes at every instance. For him to be a star is what’s wrong with modern metal.

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