Martell Rants – July 2012

July 29, 2012

Heavy Metal News Kiss Monster CoverMy one chance a month to rant, rave, and bitch about everything metal. This column always gets me the most email, so keep em’ coming:

1. This month saw new music from KISS (Hell or Hallelujah) from their new album Monster dropping in October; and we heard a new single from Motley Crue (SEX). With both bands touring together it will be great for fans to hear some new tracks. All though people will still call them nostalgia or legacy acts. I’m not sure how that applies if you keep making new music.

2. Jonathan Davis recently went on record to say India has the greatest fans in the world. I’m a little pissed because when we saw Korn in concert he told us we were the greatest fans in the world. Actually he said it both times in two different cities. Its stage banter does it really deserve to make world news?

3. This whole Randy Blythe thing is quite concerning to me on numerous levels. If musicians were held responsible for every dumb thing a fan did they would all be in jail; Lamb of God have adamant fans that are putting themselves on the line for Randy and I’m scared it will get out of hand; and my final concern is first and foremost Randy is a human being, but it seems because he is a metal star the media has acted like the case doesn’t exist. If this was Aerosmith the United Nations would be involved by now.

4. Some reviewer was talking about how “Rock of Ages” saved metal from the embarrassment that was the 1980s. What the hell does that mean? Can you imagine the great bands that wouldn’t have been given the time of day if Glam (the embarrassment they are referring to) never happened. Sure it was over the top, but it helped bridge casual fans and metal heads making it viable for heavy metal musicians to make a living. This movie did nothing but exploit it, and don’t get me started on Tom Cruise trying to be Vince Neil.

5. RIP Jon Lord of Deep Purple. If anything good can come from his death it might be people will finally realize his talent. He was forever under rated and the tributes he is getting now are certainly well deserved.

Heavy Metal News RIP Jon Lord

6. I am giving a big shout out to Jeff Loomis who recently said he would not reform Nevermore with new members because it would be cheating the fans. It’s nice to see a musician who finally understands a band is not only about one person.

7. The Queensryche and Geoff Tate drama continues to unfold and a fan sent me a funny letter that put the situation in perspective for me. The letter stated at the end, “am I the only person that didn’t know Queensryche was still together.” That pretty much spells out my feelings as well. Thank you TWISTED DEAN for that.

8. Judas Priest is thinking about making a new album. Did I miss something? Aren’t they on their retirement tour? Sounds like a play from the KISS book to me.

9. I mentioned Aerosmith earlier and it got me thinking about a question I want to ask you all. Why is Aerosmith always talked about in metal circles? The “Attic” album was heavier, but never metal in the conventional sense. Are they in the metal culture because of their influence on glam, or are they actually a metal band that I just don’t understand?

Heavy Metal News Stryper New Album

10. Michael Sweet said in a recent interview he wants the new Stryper album to be a powerhouse. He was very surprised by the success of their covers album and wants to follow it up with something big. I can tell him right up front that people liked the covers album because it was Sweet’s voice singing something other than Stryper music.

11. I want to end by telling you all how much I enjoy your thoughtful and sometimes hateful comments. Our site is fortunate that people are very comfortable emailing us directly and I never want that to change. Although I may not get to respond to all of you I really appreciate the good and bad words of encouragement.

Metal on,


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