Video Premier: Beastwars – Empire

July 26, 2012

Heavy Metal Blogs: Beastwars MetalThis time last year we introduced you to a hardcore doom outfit out of New Zealand called Beastwars. I’m very happy to report that the self-titled album we looked at is getting worldwide release on September 11th. This is certainly well deserved and it’s a great honor to be one of the first blogs to report on these future superstars.

Now that I’m done bragging let’s bring you up to date with the video release of the song Empire. You will find it below and I can’t imagine a better fit for Beastwars. There is chaos throughout the video that is only anchored down by the sludge and doom this band are masters at creating. The vocal work builds the song and highlights the acts of the imagery.

Does the video have a theme? Well that is pretty much up for you to decide. You see there are monsters, beasts, religious overtones, rulers, nasty food, apocalyptic images and many, many items that are left up to your own interpretation.

I always say music is the great equalizer in the world because we can all talk about it with passion, no matter the genre or artist. This video carries that tradition and gives us a visual influence to go along with outstanding music.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video for Empire describes the music of Beastwars perfectly!

Did I mention we covered them last year…. Sorry, enjoy the video!

Metal on,


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