Top Ten Tuesday – Pop It Up

July 24, 2012

Top Ten List SlayerA few weeks back we did a Top Ten List about Pop Songs that should be metal and the response was huge. Readers really got into the idea and gave us some other songs that could have been on the list and a lot just dropped us a note to say they found it funny and really enjoyed it.

Since the readers have spoken I have decided this week to reverse it. Today we are going to look at metal songs that could cross over as pop/hip hop songs and which artists should try and pull off this feat. Enjoy and keep those emails coming:

10 – Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden) by Kesha – we all know Kesha is a little metal considering her romps with Alice Cooper and her over all “fuck it” attitude. You have to think if anyone could shout “Scream for me _____” and make it work; the answer would be the sleaze queen herself.

9 – Raining Blood (Slayer) by Justin Beiber – I say this simply because of how funny it would be to see this goody too shoes yell the religion of Slayer; but my alternative reason is what Kerry King would do to him if this ever happened.

8 – Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) by Britney Spears – considering she has been aboard this very train I can’t really think of anyone more qualified to sing the track. Hell if we put Chris Holmes on guitar we have a marriage made in hell.

7 – School’s Out (Alice Cooper) by Ed Sherran – I don’t expect many metal heads to really know who this young upstart UK singer songwriter is, but trust me when I say the world would be a better place if he performed Alice’s decapitation stunt and something went horribly wrong.

Heavy Metal News Top ten List Meatloaf

6 – Heaven’s On Fire (KISS) by One Direction – these youngin’s also from the UK have grabbed tweens by the heart strings and dragged money from their parent’s pockets. If you take a good listen to this KISSCO track you realize it’s not really that much of a stretch.

5 – Enter Sandman (Metallica) by Meatloaf – personally the temper and theatrics of Meatloaf fit with metal during the best of times, but if you put him in the transfer from the Sandman video and had him belting this out a new career would be born.

4 – Highway to Hell (AC/DC) by Kanye West – he is heading there anyway so why… SORRY TO INTERRUPT, I WILL FINISH THIS LATER! – nuff said!

3 – Girls, Girls, Girls (Motley Crue) by LMFAO – take that big afro and the “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” together and you have a whole new version of the famous Crue video in the strip bar. If anyone could raise the scum factor of this track it would be these Club Dubbers.

2 – The Final Countdown (Europe) by The Glee Cast – they fucked Journey for everyone in the world so why not take down Europe down as well!

Heavy Metal Top Ten List Snoop Dog

1 – Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple) by Snoop Dog – if you don’t get this reference you need to lay off the Death Metal for a few weeks.

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