Album Review – Witchcraft – Firewood

July 22, 2012

Heavy Metal Review Witchcraft FirewoodI think in the time we have ran this site I have only covered three or four rereleases. We don’t normally cover them because quite frankly they have been reviewed in the past and what more could we say to elaborate on it. Since I’ve said that I have to introduce you to the rerelease review of Witchcraft’s 2005 album Firewood. Your right, I don’t have many convictions! The reason for reviewing this release when all of Witchcraft’s back catalogue is coming out is easy. I love Firewood and it’s my column!

Anyway, the album was recorded on authentic equipment from the 60s and 70s to keep the early doom feel the band has always gone for. What comes out of your speakers is the sound you grew up listening to with the sharp edge of doom paralleled by the rising fame of Led Zeppelin during the time Witchcraft’s recording equipment was new.

All you really need to do is sit back and enjoy the multiple pace changes and charred edges of a genre that few people can do well anymore. Listen to “Mr Haze” and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Just sitting in your own head space and working out the kinks of the day. You can’t explain the appeal of Witchcraft accurately, but you will come away loving it.

For those major doom fans out there Witchcraft has a true classic in “Sorrow Evoker.” If you picture Firebird churning out their best you have this song. I swear Witchcraft wrote this song in homage to the doom legends. It’s just so well done.

This short look at a classic album has an ulterior motive. You see Witchcraft has a new album called Legend dropping this year and I hope by my enthusiasm and borderline stalking you will check it out and keep doom in its purest form alive and well.

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