We Are Fiction – Earth Medicine

July 21, 2012

Heavy Metal Profile We Are Fictionwww.facebook.com/wearefiction will give you a look at a Post Hardcore Screamo band from the UK that has been spreading their high pitches to the metal land since 2007. Now under normal circumstance to me screamo can be a little hard on the ears and the high pitch over top of soft vocals kind of annoys me, but there is a band out there I love and their name was mentioned as a major influence of We Are Fiction.

That band of course is Alexisonfire and I have followed this Post Hardcore band from the time they formed till they threw in the towel. By mentioning their name alone it gave me the motivation to check out We Are Fiction.

The song they sent over (Earth Medicine) is the third single from their debut album that will be dropping shortly. The track is built very well with a natural progression to chaos. The song writing and technique to take the listener on a journey is what most surprised me out of a young band.

While doing a little more research on them I was able to find out their live show is becoming legendary for smashing venues and random dude nakedness. (Note to self: no photo pass for those shows). This is just another part of the one thing that seems to escape me with this band.

If you look at their image you see a bunch of young guys that have a reputation for breaking things and stripping down, yet when you listen to their music you hear powerful, emotionally charged song writing that comes from true artists. We Are Fiction is the ultimate case of not judging music by the album cover.

Heavy Metal Music Profile We Are Fiction

Considering I don’t normally cover singles something obviously struck me about We Are Fiction; so I recommend you head over there and learn what you need to learn because the band wagon is going to be rolling through and you don’t want to be late jumping on!

NOTE TO BAND: since most metal concerts are sausage fests; for the love of god keep your clothes on!

Metal on (fully clothed),


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