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Album Review: Marasmus – Mountains of the Dead

July 18, 2012

Album Review Marasmus Mountains of the DeadEarlier last week I forwarded a review link off to our friends at Clawhammer PR and they fired back the link to the album were looking at today. We get a lot of material from various PR firms, but when the two guys running the show at Clawhammer send something over stressing the importance of you listening to it, you automatically hit play.

Marasmus hail from Kansas City and this peace loving city has created some evil spirited, violent loving metal heads that make music to shake your very soul. My first statement agrees with one another site had stated on the band, “very few bands cut through the bullshit and get to the meat of the music like Marasmus.” I could end this review here because that sums up perfectly what this band is all about.

To expand on that sentiment all you really have to do is listen to the opening track “Among the Deceased.” Since I don’t want to use the word scary, I will simply say the track is quite disturbing. There are multiple effects and sounds that make for a very eerie atmosphere. Any horror movie could benefit from this song, but it does speak to a band willing to put an opening that hits you right in the guts and opens your mind for an onslaught of violence.

I want to move onto “Bone Sculpture” because the vocal delivery dominates every facet of the song and makes you wonder if Marasmus are here for the music or to see the fear in the eyes of their listeners. The technical work and classic cookie monster growl is nothing new, but the atmosphere the album creates makes this old school approach perfect.

“Another Helpless Victim” follows the same kind of structure but is much more musical with the vocals being used as a tool as opposed to dominating the song completely. The drum work roams creating chaos that is anchored by some fine musical work on the guitars.

Album Review Marasmus Mountains of the Dead Logo

Closing this review with “Behold the Mountain” is perfect because much like “Among the Deceased” the song creates atmosphere to fuel the other songs. These atmospheric pieces are the highlight of Mountains of the Dead and the rest of the album relies on them to set the tone for all the tracks.

Although the music and its influence might not be earth shattering in its freshness, the way the album is built and the delivery of the atmospheric pieces are something I have experienced on very few albums. Marasmus has created an album that is complete from top to bottom. Prepare to be scared, overwhelmed, and stalked by these Kansas City Maniacs.


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