In Remission – The Great & Shallow

July 14, 2012

Heavy Metal News In RemissionI have to admit I almost passed on this UK band because I really didn’t know where to put them. Are they metal? Are they rock? Are they alternative? The answer to those questions is yes! You see In Remission displays diversity in their sound that really can’t be labeled in the traditional sense. When listening to them you realize right off the bat they could play alongside Motley Crue to Blink 182 to 30 Seconds to Mars. Finding live gigs should be no issue for In Remission.

Their new EP “The Great & Shallow” is the true testament to what I was talking about earlier. All six songs display a broad range of sounds not only amongst themselves, but within the songs as well. Their music is aggressive, heartfelt, fun, and emotional. Not normal combinations, although other bands should realize that letting your spirit do the writing will always win over trying to write in a specific genre.

Metal, Alternative, and Rock sites/radio are going to fight over who owns In Remittance, but truth be told no one does. If you like to headbang, the album has a track for you. If you want to sit back with the boys/girls and have a drink, the album has a track for you. If you want something to help you through a rough time in a way that only music can, the album has something for you.

I don’t normally enjoy music that serves all masters and that stays true because In Remission isn’t trying to serve anyone. They have written material from their soul that pours out of their instruments and into the ears of ready and willing listeners.

Heavy Metal News In Remission

If you read this, then listen to their material and try to put a label on it you have missed the point of In Remission. They are a real band that is about real music, not labels. I know in this day and age it’s a weird concept, but In Remission has opened my eyes and steered me back to never judging music from the label others place on it.

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