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Friday Faceoff – The Finals – Dave Mustaine vs Joey Belladonna

July 13, 2012

Heavy Metal News Dave Mustaine vs Ozzy Osbourne

To see the rules of our first ever Faceoff to crown the best Frontman see the article detailing the event at: this link.

You can see the official tournament bracket and past results here: this link!

We will be running the columns the same way with each Frontman being judged by us in the same 4 qualities: signature sound, appeal to the ladies, career thus far and legacy to other musicians. Of course we hope these columns might help you decide who should win, but ultimately it’s your decision. You will find the voting poll on the left hand sidebar. Vote away to crown the best frontman in metal!

From 16 men to these 2 – some might consider them upsets, others might have seen this coming. To get to this point Dave had to beat: Ozzy Osbourne, James Hetfield, and David Coverdale. Joey Belladonna has to get past: Tom Araya, Brian Johnson, and Bruce Dickenson. Incredible battles that were all quite close. You the fans have spoken to put these two in the finals. There is really very little to say, but – LETS CROWN A WINNER!


Dave Mustaine: he is a guitar player first and foremost. In the tradition of great metal bands he took the reins on the mic for Megadeth just to get things moving forward. His voice is described as grungy and at times nasal, but when matched up with the frantic and psychotic guitar work it blends perfectly. Mustaine may have the most noticeable voice in metal.

Joey Belladonna – early on most people referred to Joey as a tenor with a go to falsetto that could bring the house down. Over the years he has used that less, but his massive voice is mistaken with no one else in metal. Not a fan of melodies Joey pretty much carries the vocals on his back completely.


Dave Mustaine: his bio makes reference to the women, but Dave is more known for his appeal with addictions. He is married with a wife and children and things appeared to calm down after he turned to Christianity to heal his soul. The women aren’t a big story when it comes to the life of Mustaine.

Joey Belladonna – he has stated time and time again that his wife is very understanding of his career and when he goes out on the road, she does her thing and he does his. What that means I don’t know, but Joey doesn’t strike me as a groupie banging Wildman. In fact there is very little info on this topic.


Dave Mustine: with 30 million thrash albums sold with Megadeth he is and always will be a true legend. Being fueled by a hatred of Metallica has given Dave massive success, including the touring festival Gigantatour. As a member of The Big 4 Dave has written his own ticket in Metal history.

Joey Belladonna – although he has had his ups and downs with Anthrax, many people in the music world consider Joey the true voice of Anthrax. Together Joey and the band have cemented themselves in the Big 4 of thrash and will be known for bringing experimental methods to metal. They have sold millions of records and are true metal legends. Joey’s brief solo career had such a minor impact is doesn’t fair well next to Anthrax.

Heavy Metal Music: Joey Belladonna Anthrax


Dave Mustine: his legacy will be taking raw emotion and using it to fuel yourself forward. Also his political aspirations and knowledge can show a younger generation that you don’t have to follow the path of stupidity when it comes to public image. Show the world what you have!

Joey Belladonna – some may feel his legacy is tarnished by the “rap metal” or helping lay the foundation for nu-metal, but in reality he leaves behind a legacy of experimenting with the music. He also showed that being mature and going to your home is something you should do for the music and its fans!

Next week we will announce the winner and give a brief glimpse at the next tournament. Were excited about that one already.

Metal on,


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