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Album Review: Deathwish – Dreams of Fortune

July 12, 2012

Heavy Metal News Deathwish ReviewThere is nothing better in the blogging Universe then finding new music and getting to gush about it to your many readers; oh wait! There is something better, when that new band follows up that first album with something that blows you away. At that point you realize you are on the ground floor of something very special.

Last year we reviewed Deathwish and made some pretty bold statements about their abilities and future. Of course when you say those things you don’t really know how things will turn out. With Deathwish, Sam, Chad, Andre, Frankie, and the metal god A.J. moved to the next level with the album were looking at today: Dreams of Fortune.

This EP backs up everything I said in the first review, but takes the aggression to a whole new level. The entire track list features the brutal guitar attack and a voice that sounds like a bi-polar opera singer. (only in death metal is that a good thing)

The band has talked in length about working on their live show and I have to say it has matured them in the studio as well. You can hear on tracks like “Children of the Pit” and “Fall of Eden” the necessary elements to make them come across to a live audience. That’s not an easy feat for the most experienced of bands.

If I had to bring “Dreams of Fortune” to one key point that makes it so good it has to be the song writing. The key to everything Deathwish represents is their ability to write a hook that is compelling and build substance around it to keep the listener on their feet guessing where the next growl or scream is coming from.

Heavy Metal News Deathwish Logo

Death metal can be repetitive and let’s face the fact that casual fans can’t often tell bands apart. Deathwish seems to realize this and rely on the old ways of metal to build their song, but then they differentiate with a sound that is certainly unique to them. In our prior review I talked of the band using the roots of metal as a starting point; they continue to do with on the new EP, but they have found a sound that is all their own and something people will know when they enter the venue.

Deathwish literally has all the tools to take over the metal world. For people not to be clamoring to hear their stuff is a crime against the most basic of metal covenants. If this band catches their break and has the money to push forward I really don’t think those sitting at the top of the metal pyramid are safe.


P.S. – they are still as professional and business minded as ever. So refreshing.

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