I Don’t Know Kamikaze Kings

July 11, 2012

Heavy Metal News Kamikaze KingsThe reason for the title is quite simple. I listened, watched, and studied the Kamikaze Kings and I just don’t know. I know I like their music, but I don’t know if they are serious about what they do and are marketing geniuses or just some guys trying to fuck with the heads of metal fans.

I tend to lean on my first assumption because after listening to the hard rock glam inspired anthem “Boys N Men” and the sharp edged ballad “Dream is Dead” I believe Kamikaze Kings are the real deal that have taken the KISS marketing plan and blended it with the antics of Steel Panther.

Their album “The Law” is dropping near the end of the summer and I have to say it will have to be check out. If you disagree just look at the pics in the article. Their look is the obvious elephant in the room, but believe it or not their musical chops will make you forget the cock shells and make up.

www.kamikazekings.de will give you more in depth information on these Berlin glammers, but it’s hard to say if any of it is real. Their names are Elmo, Rais, Randy, and Kev; all ending with the name Kamikaze. I will have to see birth certificates, but the same could be said to others; right Rikki Rocket!

My best advice is head over to the website and put their music first. If you’re put off by their look you are truly missing out on something we haven’t had in a long time. A band that understands how to get their name out there with the power of glam, but at the same time makes the music to back it up.

Heavy Metal News Kamikaze Kings Boys N Men

I’m sure we will have more on these crazy bastards when “The Law” drops in August.

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