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Top Ten Tuesday – You Again

July 10, 2012

heavy metal blogs van halen logoThis week turned into a mission of reading my past material. Much like an actor watching themselves on screen some of it embarrassed me and others made me quite proud. What I was doing was creating the Top 10 this week. I went back and looked at who appears the most in the lists. Some of them surprised me quite a bit.

Here is my list of Top Ten superstars:

10 – David Coverdale – this one shocked me as I don’t consider myself a massive fan, but it turns out Coverdale has appeared in numerous top tens’. He has a broad range of bagging ladies to leaving bands and being more successful. Might explain why he has done so well in the Friday Faceoff tournament.

9 – Van Halen – another big surprise for me at first until I thought about it. Combine my love of Sammy Hagar with my mocking of Eddie Van Halen and you have reams of Top Ten material. It does irk me to put them on another list though.

8 – Black Dahlia Murder – it appears that each and every time I do a blog about drums, song writing, or nice guys in metal, Shannon Lucas and BDM make a list. I was very happy to see them mentioned so much on the site.

7 – Mayhem – I have decided after looking into this they are talked about far too much on We Love Metal. Any list that contains a horrible event has Mayhem on it. They are the dark ages of metal and I can’t figure out why we continue to promote them.

6 – Motorhead – just because their Motorhead; no other reason is really needed. I was disappointed they were so far down on the list. It should be my duty as a heavy metal human to keep preaching the gospel of Lemmy.

Heavy Metal News The Worshyp Banner Evil Abounds

5 – The Worshyp – I have been a fan of this band since the day they sent me their first song preview. The new wave of thrash is safe in the hands of these Canadian’s and it makes me proud to be continuing to put them in your faces.

4 – Cancer Bats – if you looked at the amount a band is mentioned overall on the site it’s a safe bet that Liam Cormier and the band would be in the Top 5 again. Anything I have done with CB over the years has been rewarding for me and you will always hear about them on We Love Metal.

3 – Metallica – it’s true! The biggest metal band in the world is featured on We Love Metal. I’m sure our coverage of them in the lists will be criticized, but let’s all be honest to ourselves. It’s Metallica.

2 – Megadeth – where there is Metallica, there is Megadeth. With the amount of thrash lists we have done, it’s no surprise Megadeth is number two. Being the thrash fans we are you know Megadeth will be featured week after week.

Heavy Metal Music Blogs: Motley Crue with Poison

1 – Motley Crue – the site was founded on it so why wouldn’t they be in the most Top Ten lists. The great thing about Motley will be they are featured on both the good and the bad. Another reason to love them.

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