Album Review: Wings Denied – Awake

July 8, 2012

Heavy Metal News Wings Denied Album ReviewZach of the band Wings Denied contacted me about this new band and I have to say after listening to the new EP Awake, I’m quite pissed off with this young man. My reason is a good one. The EP only had three songs and I wanted a hell of a lot more.

Zach is no stranger to our site. He was the lead axe man for the band Acrasia who Surdus reviewed earlier. We gave it solid reviews thinking they would continue to get better as time moved on. Turns out Zach ended up moving out of the state and found what I consider his true calling in Wings Denied.

Wings Denied is a truly progressive band in a landscape of music where progressive is becoming a dirty word. I have talked at length about bands calling themselves progressive because of their sound. How can that be? Progressive means moving things forward… not keeping them the same.

Wings Denied get this and come across as progressive for one very simple reason. They seek and find the balance between music casual fans and hardcore fans can both enjoy. If that’s not progressive in this day and age of metal then I give up!

The track Maiden is a great example of this with its head banging feel and intricate guitar work. The vocals are something different again, but in all cases the band keeps thing understandable for the average fan while taking the true bangers on a journey.

If criticism had to be levied against Wings Denied it would be the vocals often come across as much weaker than the instrumentals. Don’t get me wrong, the vocals aren’t American Idol bad, but they do leave a little bit to be desired when you get to listen to the sweet sounds being produced by the boys on their ladies.

Heavy Metal News Wings Denied

Overall this album is a massive step forward for Zack Dresher from his time in Acrasia, and a great starting point for a new band who has balls enough to release music to the world. I encourage you to check them out. You’ll be very happy of the journey they may ultimately take you on.

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