Album Review: Miseration – Tragedy Has Spoken

July 7, 2012

Heavy Metal News Miseration Tragedy Has SpokenIf you take some human suffering, throw in a touch of infinite tragedy and examine the diversity of the awful things that happen to us as humans, what do you get? Death metal of course, or to be more specific the new piece of hell reincarnated by Miseration.

I found out some tidbits about the band at, but what I really want to focus on is the word diversity. You see Tragedy Has Spoken is an example of a band taking the limits of death metal and stretching them again and again. They do this by using a broad (diverse) range of instruments, paces, and songwriting techniques.

The instruments on the album for example range from your classic bass, guitar, and drums and go all the way to the other side of the spectrum with the harp, mandolin, and my personal favorite: the saw blade. Toss those with a down tuned 8 string guitar and you have a very unique sound that maintains high intensity, while at the same time actually meaning something to the listener.

The pace changes are best described as organized chaos. Tracks like “Ghost Barrier” and “Waylayer” are both very different, but at the same time they share many similarities in their use of pacing and rhythm. You will anticipate every move Miseration makes, but very few of you will actually know what is going to happen next.

Heavy Metal News Miseration Band Pic

The songwriting techniques I talked about earlier are best shown on the track, “Ciniphes.” This one song alone is worth the price the band places on the album. As is the case with any good death metal album you are exhausted by the time it is over because of the aggressive onslaught presented. Miseration knew this and included this song. Although it is aggressive, the dramatics included in the track give you that instant energy as if you were at a live show.

As you can tell I enjoyed Miseration’s Tragedy Has Spoken. I used a lot of different terms, but let me break it down to simpler means: this album will destroy your neck and feed your metal mind.

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