Album Review: Titan’s Eve – Life Apocalypse

July 5, 2012

Heavy Metal News Life Apocalypse Album ReviewThe question posed for most thrash bands in this day and age of metal is: how can you play thrash, but still be considered different? Obviously this is a fair question and one that most bands fail to address. The nature of playing thrash is aggressive rhythms laced with intricate guitar and politically motivated lyrics. If this is thrash and we love it so much why do bands claim to be different?

Turns out, much to my delight Titan’s Eve has managed to address this issue with a modern thrash sound that is laced with melodic flare that can engage even the casual metal fan. Based on what I just said about thrash; you can see this is a major difference.

Titan’s Eve is no stranger to We Love Metal as we provided steady coverage of their album The Divine Equal. We loved that album and after a few spins of the new “Life Apocalypse” I can say that the band has followed up their earlier success with an impressive piece of metal that shows some growth, but still shows the future dominance this band will hold in the metal world. will give you some history on the band and let you know where and when to purchase this new album. I’m not going to break into song by song detail because one statement I wrote on my notes pretty much sums up my feelings: “Life Apocalypse is both heavy and atmospheric, blending blast beats, melodies, and harsh vocals to create an all-out metal attack.”

Heavy Metal News Anvil Titans Eve Tour

The band has a touring spot coming up with ANVIL and I have to wonder if this is the exposure they need to make it to the next level. Canada at the moment has Titan’s Eve and The Worshyp as two of the hottest modern thrash bands in the world and both should be opening for ANVIL to expose the world to how dominate we as a Country have become in the genre. This is in a large part to the legacy of older bands, but more due to the newcomers that are proving the genre is alive and well and needs to be explored more.

I realize I have gotten a bit off track, but I asked earlier what makes one band playing in one genre better than the next. The quick answer is come to Canada and find out. If you can’t afford the plane ride buy Life Apocalypse; it’s the next best thing.

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