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Album Review: Power Theory – Axe to Grind

July 4, 2012

Heavy Metal News Power TheoryAnyone in the mood for a little American metal? I thought you might be! Power Theory was introduced to me by my friends over at Clawhammer PR and I’m quite impressed they managed to hide them from me for this long.

The band is going to be playing the Warriors of Metal Fest V so I figured this was the perfect time to introduce you to this twin guitar attack. They are influenced heavily by Metallica and Saxon. Although that may seem like an odd pairing; once you hear the blended sound you’ll ask why this hasn’t been done in the past.

www.powertheory.net will give you a brief bio, but I ask you to take a minute and look at the grass roots effort the band has put together in order to get noticed. They relied heavily on internet radio and the lost art of networking. Power Theory shows the work needed to get to the top.

Now my favorite part. Sharing some of my favorite songs off the new album Axe to Grind:

Edge of Knives – this opening track displays all you need to know. A very challenging guitar piece leads to a solid rhythm that paves the way for a real vocal performance. There is a certain post grunge harshness in the vocals that keep them very engaging.

An Axe To Grind – the title track is my favorite for the incredible bass work alone. The song has a lot of old school flare and although I don’t like comparing bands; Accept in their hay day leapt out of my speakers. Killer track.

A Fist In The Face Of God – I’m featuring this song because it is much different than the other material. The song is very chaotic. Modern thrash would be the best technical definition, but a “pure fucking banging track” would be the truth.

Heavy Metal News Power Theory Logo

Colossus – I’m going to leave you with this one as it displays the influences we talked about earlier. This is a huge epic like song that I could easily picture live. The diversity of Power Theory is a far cry from the self-proclaimed old school bands we are seeing today.

In closing, Axe to Grind features incredible vocals, kick ass bass, screaming guitars that compete for your attention, and drum work that does a hell of a job keeping up with the mayhem. If that’s not reason to pick up this album I don’t know what is.

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