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Top Ten Tuesday – That’s Not Metal

July 3, 2012

Heavy Metal News Top Ten Ted NugentI started this Top Ten with humor in mind. I had intended to talk about the antics of Metal stars that people just write off as “metal being metal!” When doing my research I actually found some pretty heinous things that have taken place in metal or around metal. I knew of them individually of course, but when you put them together it’s a pretty long list of horrible things that are associated with our music.

With these things in my mind I shifted my focus to things that get grouped with metal that are really just “humans being human,” and they shouldn’t be associated with metal at all. Humor was the start; a sense of horror was the finish. Here’s my list of things that happened in metal that just shouldn’t have:

10. Parental Ignorance – the first horrible thing is the overall criticism and lies that misinformed parents and religious zealots have spread about our music in a way to “protect” their children. This will always be a problem for metal, but we can always hope that someday they will realize the art of metal music and look at the real issues we have in society.

9. Ted Nugent – do I have one specific issue? No! It’s just everything that Nugent stands for. The weird part is I love his music and he does make me laugh, but he is spewing a form of hate in the World that we can all do without. I actually like the crazy wild man more than the right win conservative that wants America to live off the land and protect “their” heritage.

8. Beasts of Satan – this Black metal band had fifteen minutes of fame for all the wrong reasons. They killed one of the band members girlfriends because she had a likeness to Virgin Mary. What people need to realize is this was the work of mentally unstable individuals. This had nothing to do with the music they played.

7. Axl Rose in Montreal – how could I pick just one Axl moment? Being one of the most successful bands in history it’s quite detrimental that the face of the band started a riot in Montreal because he just didn’t want to play a longer set after James Hetfield of Metallica was seriously injured. This left a black mark on Metal for a long time.

6. Cannibal Corpse – their music is second to none and they manage to break the Top 40 with death metal, but their images and rhetoric early in their careers hurt others as people just assumed that death metal stars were horrific, gory masochists that enjoyed death. Their music could have easily made its mark; the band’s gimmick was not good for Metal.

Heavy Metal News Chris Holmes Drunk The Metal Years

5. Chris Holmes – although he never killed anyone the scene of WASP’s famous guitarist drunk in a pool telling off his Mother while talking about how awful his life is stained Metal forever. The Metal Years was a great look into the metal lifestyle and did wonderful things to promote the proper side of the music; until Chris floated by fully clothed, dumping a Vodka bottle on his head.

4. Ozzy Osbourne – I put Ozzy on here for the opposite reasons. He went the other way and became a loveable staggering fool of reality TV. If there was mystic around metal Ozzy killed it when his dog shit on the rug and he continued to yell for Sharon. Many of us took this as betrayal to the culture.

3. Mayhem – there is no need to go into great detail, but when frontman Death committed suicide the members took pictures and collected bits of his skull for jewelry. This will forever be the story told when talking about Black Metal. The genre is stained forever by this one incident.

2. Varg Vikernas – this took place in Norway as well with Varg burning Churches in the name of the music. He later killed Mayhem’s Euronymous in what many believe was a battle for the leadership of Satanic cults in the Country. If #3 didn’t scar the genre, Varg tried to bury it.

Heavy Metal News Heavy Metal Used as Torture

1. Torture – every day we are told that Heavy Metal is used to help interrogate prisoners of war. Many metal heads think this is a great thing. I personally think it’s despicable and does the most damage to metal overall. How dare they broadcast on CNN that Metal is so aggressive and evil it can make the enemy talk. This is detrimental to everything our raised horns stand for.

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