Album Review: Majesty Of Revival – Through Reality

July 1, 2012

Heavy Metal News Majesty of Revival Through Reality ReviewIs it just me or is the Ukraine producing some good metal these days? All genres seem to be represented and the underground appears to be doing very well, even getting their records to the highly sought after American markets. It’s amazing what an industry of musicians working together (not against) can accomplish.

Now that I have ranted let me introduce you to Majesty of Revival. These Ukrainian Power Metallers have only really been around since 2009, but have accomplished a lot in that short time. From their demo (which featured two songs found on this album) they headed into the studio and banged out the full length we are looking at today: Through Reality.

Before looking at some of my favorite tracks I want to make reference to the bands bio as well. They went through the struggles of many newly formed bands and went through members like Slayer fans go through razor blades, but they never seemed to let that set them back. They moved forward and continued to record. That shows true belief in the music they are making.

As for the music I encourage you to start with “Meaning of Life.” The song is neo-classical with a twist of chaos. The melodies and intricate guitar fulfill the elements for power metal, but the chaos is a welcome addition to those that like their music a little more on the heavy side.

“The Code” is one of my favorites for the one instrument I didn’t expect to enjoy. The organ. Of course metal uses the organ all the time, but Majesty of Revival uses it much like the drums are used in typical songs; to give the song rhythm. With this effect the drums are allowed to roam freely.

Heavy Metlal News Majesty of Revival Band Pics

The theatrics of the band shine through in “Blind.” The song is very strong for self-visualization and takes you to a world of your own creation. The storytelling in the song is admirable for a non-English band and definitely worth checking out.

In the end Majesty of Revival’s Through Reality is a powerful piece of atmospheric metal. The sound is concrete and features enough variety to keep you engaged. If the album does anything it sells the band live because the theatrics of the music alone would lead to an incredible stage show.

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