Album Review: Whitechapel

June 30, 2012

Heavy Metal News Whitechapel Album Cover ReviewWhitechapel has been around for a bit and I’m not one to take things from press releases, but this statement summed them up very nicely: “six men hell bent on blasting you with contemporary heavy metal.” That is Whitechapel. Everything about them is a no nonsense approach to beating the listener over the head with a sonic assault.

Along those same lines the new album (self-titled) is named as such because the band was so impressed with what they had churned out. I was compelled to give this album a few spins on the fact that something other than melting faces impressed them.

What I found while listening was the trademark sounds of Whitechapel combined with a certain maturity that only comes when a band lives on the road. For instance “Make It Bleed” combines multiple pace changes and tones to pull you into the song. This has been a trademark of the band for many years, but on this album it comes across as darker and much more visual than previous works.

When talking about the collaboration efforts of the band we see them in full effect on “The Night Remains.” The maturity and sense of sound bleeds from every pore of this song. New fans will love it and old fans will know that Whitechapel’s time has come.

The new drummer Ben Harclerode has received praise in the press for his instant ability to learn the technical catalogue, but when you hear “Faces” you will be blown away at what this guy brings to the band. I don’t want to give too much away, but you need to hear this song.

Phil Bozeman on vocals has always had a great ability to change his tones and that continues in rapid sequence on this album. By doing this Phil can at times come across as multiple singers in a single track. It will be amazing if he can pull of this many different sounds live.

Heavy Metal News Whitechapel Band Picture

The aggressiveness of each and every song hits you in the face track after track; like sticking your head out the car window while driving by multiple mailboxes. This album is a true accomplishment that needs and deserves to be heard.

To sum up the album I wrote a single line that really has nothing to do with my review, but brings the album home in a manner that speaks to what I thought of it:

“Whitechapel is profanity laden hate that is spewed forth in a spirit to unite not separate!”

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